Arabic is a Semitic language which is spoken by more than 280 million people as a first language, most of whom live in Saudi Arabia and Middle East and North Africa. From many languages Arabic has also borrowed words likes Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Portuguese etc. so if you are a new learner, who want to get comfortable or just want to experience the Arabic language in computer with keyboard, you can use Arabic keyboard .Arabic keyboards are very easy to use and it has translations and some friendly button which can help you to type in Arabic.

Set up Arabic under Windows Vista on your computer by easy steps:

If you can write in Arabic without any problem or you are Arabic native then you might want to install Arabic in your computer. So by following method you can install Arabic in your computer.  At first go to the Start menu then click to Control Panel.  Surely select the Control Panel if not click on it.  Click on language, clock and region.  Click on language and region options.  Then on the screen the Regional and Language Option dialogue box appear. Then go on the Tab section where it says Keyboards and languages. Then press tab for change Keyboard. Then on screen The Text Service and input languages dialogue box appears. Surely select the General tab and press the add button.

The Add input dialogue box is appearing on the screen. If the Arabic (Saudi Arabia) is not visible in the list box then scroll down to view it. For expanded click the + sign and expand Keyboard. Click in the Arabic 101 checker box. To close the input Languages and Text Services, click ok. To close the Regional and Language option dialogue box, click ok. After this close the Control Panel. This method can help you to install Arabic in your computer. Once Arabic will install then you can able to type messages in Arabic or in English. If you are typing an e mail in English and want to type the rest in Arabic then on your keyboard just press and hold the Shift button and press “Alt” then it will switch to Arabic language. Then if you want to do the same thing again to switch back to English press the (Shift + Alt).

How can you change the display language?

If Arabic language is not supported by your browser or it shows you some weird sign when you visit a websites in Arabic then you need to adjust your browser. You can do it easily by following method. First go to the browser where you have “File” “View” “Edit” on the top of your browser. First click on “View” tab, then “Encoding” tab then “Arabic Windows” tab and that should be able to do it. If the problem is not finished that means the problem is not from your browser it is on the page which you are trying to view.