Previously known as Azureus, Vuze is a popular BitTorrent client that has many features, the primary one being file transfers through the BitTorrent protocol. It uses the Azureus Engine and is written in Java. In addition to transferring files to download data, it allows its users to view, share and publish original HD and DVD quality video content.  This content is presented through categories and channels that contain music videos, TV shows, video games, movies etc. Users may also earn additional money through it if they prefer to publish original content.

Vuze new version also consists of additional features like format converter to play HD content. This can be run through PC, iPod, iPhone, PlayStation 3, XBoX 360, Mac and Apple TV. There are few steps that can be followed for downloading Vuze in Ubuntu.

Instructions to Download Azureus / Vuze in Ubuntu

Step 1: A dedicated user account needs to be created for Vuze. It should be because Vuze is used for all intents and purposes and requires a server. This is even more applicable in the case where users activate the built in tracker and web server.

Step 2: Then Vuze needs to be downloaded from their official website. It can be found easily and you can select either 32 bit or go for 64 bit. For both of these, the documentation is the same.

Step 3: The terminal needs to be run. Find the location from where you downloaded Vuze. Unzip the tar file with the appropriate command.

Step 4: The permissions of the file must be changed for temporary bases. It will allow you Vuze to be installed.

Step 5: To include the file in the application menu, following commands can be issued:

‘sudo nano /usr/share/applications/Vuze.desktop’

Add this to the nano text editor.


Comment=P2P Client






To exit from the screen, press Cntrl and X and type ‘y’ for yes.

Step 6: Issue the following commands if you want Vuze to be launched from the terminal windows.

‘sudo nano /usr/bin/vuze’

add this into the nano text editor.

#!/bin/sh/opt/vuze/vuze “$*”

Again, to get out of the screen, press Ctrl and X and press ‘y’ for yes.

Step 7: The /usr/bin/vuze command must be made executable by changing the file permission with the following code

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/vuze

Step 8: Get any updates that are available after opening up Vuze.  It must be made sure to not install the plugin at the time. Restart vuze after updating.

Step 9: To change permission to the user and group,

sudo chown -R vuze:vuze /opt/vuze This takes care of the directory where we installed Vuze. It also secures all files and sub directories contained within “/opt/vuze”.

Step 10: The permissions on the /usr/bin/vuze file created earlier, should be changed.

sudo chown vuze:vuze /usr/bin/vuze

Step 11: Plug-ins of your wish need to be installed now.

Step 12: Change permissions to update Vuze


sudo chown –R

Follow the above steps to install Vuze and have fun with the latest applications.