Ubuntu is a highly popular operating system based on Linux. Like every Linux application, Ubuntu is also an open-source application. Ubuntu is very useful in server applications, desktops and laptops. Internet users prefer this operating system over Windows due to its high security features. Gnomebaker is a CD/DVD burning application, designed for Ubuntu. This application is very easy and user-friendly, so it is becoming popular among Ubuntu users. It has high quality features, which are very easy to use. This article will help you to install GnomeBaker in Ubuntu.

GnomeBaker features

Gnomebaker has very attractive and high quality features, which are useful in CD/DVD burning application in Ubuntu. The current version of GnomeBaker includes following features like: data and audio CD burning, multisession CDs, DVD burning, DVD formatting, DVD data disk burning, record to and burn ISO images. You can also create audio and video CDs from existing files and it also provides drag and drop facility to create CDs/DVDs. You can also burn via SCSI and ATAPI on Linux kernels 2.4 and 2.6.

Installation steps


Now you are using Ubuntu operating system, so you also need to learn how to install GnomeBaker burning application in Ubuntu. To install this application you just need to follow these steps: the very first step is to click on the “Application” menu after performing this step click on “Add/Remove”.

Step 2

Now we recommend you to be sure about all visible application, you just need to click on drop-down menu near the top right side of the window. Now just click on the menu named as “All available application”. Now the second step is to locate the “search box”, now type GnomeBaker. Now you can see a box named as “Apply” next to GnomeBaker, just click on that. This will help you to install the application.

Step 3

Now you are done with the installation procedure, next step is to select “Applications” then “sound & video”.  After clicking on these buttons click the “GnomeBaker” to run these applications.

Now you are ready to open these applications, selct all the applications that make sense to you. You will have a list of options, which are used by GnomeBaker. These options will be like “make a data CD”, “burn a CD/DVD” or “burn an audio CD” etc. to perform these options you just need to click on the corresponding buttons. As for example, to create an audio CD, click on the “add the files” then click “burn”. It also includes different sub-options like change the audio CD length form 21 minutes to 80 minutes. After these changes the CD can store more data or audio songs. You just need to add the music and click on the “burn” button.  You can also burn ISO images using GnomeBaker by following simple steps same as creating an audio CD. We recommend you to close all the running applications while installing GnomeBaker. GnomeBaker is a freeware utility available on CD.