Comodo is an Anti-Virus developed and marketed by the Comodo group. Comodo can be installed on Windows Operating Systems and it offers high quality Anti-Malware protection, Firewall protection and also a Host Based Intrusion Prevention system called Defence+. Comodo Anti-Virus is currently the number 1 Anti-Virus as ranked by in Matousec’s proactive security challenge. This is the only Firewall and Intrusion prevention system which has consistently scored number 1 position in all the independent tests. It has never let its position go down in last 3 years since its first version was launched in year 2008. Even if you are using the first version of Comodo still the updates released by Comodo makes it 100% safe against all the new threats. It definitely is a worth buy product. The latest version launched available of this extremely efficient product is the version 2011 christened as Comodo Anti-Virus Advanced 2011. This version can be purchased in just $39.99 and it bundles Malware cleaner, Defence+, Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) and Auto Sandbox along with the basic Anti-Virus protection. Comodo offers a decent 24×7 support for its products so need to think of after sales support as the technicians fix your PC issues remotely over the internet – Seems good. Isn’t it?

In this post I will discuss the basic steps towards the installation of this Anti-Virus for error free and quick installation.


Check the mail that you receive after purchasing the product. This mail has download link for the software.


Click on the download link and download the installation file on to your desktop.


Double click on the Installer file to invoke the installation process and follow the instructions of the wizard.


Wizard will ask you to select the Language so do the same.


Accept the license agreement as this is the only way to continue with the installation.


Lastly enter your Email Address when asked by the installer to validate the product and activate it on the servers of Comodo for easily downloading the updates in the future.

Installation will also ask you for participating in some feedbacks and there your Email will work as your identification. You will receive period update and news on this Email ID and will keep you posted about all the new news feeds. Rest of the installation goes the same as other installations go, where you majorly have to click on Next and accept what it asks for. After the installation make sure that you open it and go around the options and feature. Also make sure that you try using your online applications like Outlook, Games, Chatting software etc to confirm there working. Next thing to be noted is that you update the software periodically so that it always has the new definitions for easy identification of new threats. Comodo for sure is a nice bet and if you are planning to go for new security software then try giving Comodo a chance this time.