DVD Player allows us to watch a movie, video clip, or any video recording. For televisions we can have a DVD Player set attached to it. What if we want to watch a movie on the computer? Surely we need a DVD Player software that can provide us with all our requisite to enjoy a movie. The DVD player software can just boost up the functionality of your computer as these programs produce more sound enabling you to hear even the subtle audio nuances in your movie soundtrack. These programs support the intense, natural colour and contrast empowering the computer screen to display sharp details during shadowy or highly illuminated scenes. These programs provide a high-definition and good resolution during rapid scenes changes. The best thing about the DVD Player Software is the theatre-quality entertainment at your finger tips regardless of where you are.

Ubuntu, a popular Linux Operating System, that comes with a lot of applications pre-installed. Normally, it includes a Media Player, Internet Explorer Office Suite and some other applications. However, DVD Playback is not a built in feature of Ubuntu due to some license restrictions. This creates a problem when you want to play a commercial DVD. The problem arises because the ubuntu Media Player is capable of reading the DVDs that are not encrypted. In case of commercial DVDs, these are usually encrypted with CSS (Content Scrambling System) and for some legal reasons it is not possible to include support for these DVDs in Ubuntu. So here is need for installing some DVD Playback Capability in Ubuntu.

The steps required in this procedure are listed below:

Step 1: For installing DVD Playback the required thing is a Seveas Repository. You need to install it first and then move ahead. For this, you should click on control panel and a list is displayed. From the list choose system and double click it to open.

Step 2: From System select Administration by clicking it. Now you choose Software Sources and a dialog box opens. Here you click on Third Party Software Tab. In this tab, click on Add button to add Seveas Repository. Now type the following line:

deb http://mirror.ubuntulinux.nl edgy-seveas all

Step 3: You have to click on Add Source button followed by Close button. To operate Seveas Repository you need to copy the key by using the following command:

wget http://mirror.ubuntulinux.nl/1135D466.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add –

After this you click on Reload button to complete the first procedure.

Step 4: To install the DVD Playback i.e. libdvdcss2, you click on Applications and choose Accessories. In the list displayed you click on Terminal to open it. In this box you type the following command:

sudo aptitude install libdvdcss2

Step 5: You can install the libdvdcss2, directly, without installing any Repository by simply typing the following command in the Terminal box:

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/./install-css.sh

After this you need to go according the instructions displayed on the screen. As you finish the installation process, you can check it by playing any DVD on your computer.

A DVD Player Software gives everything required for a complete entertainment by allowing for multiple types of environments and configurations. DVD Playback Capability can be increased by having a good DVD Player Software that comes with more features, good audio, video quality and easy to install.