DC++ or DCPP is an open source client for the Direct Connect protocol which allows you to share files over the Internet without any restrictions or limits. The client is completely free of advertisements and has a user friendly interface. Firewall and router support is integrated and has convenient functionalities like multi-hub connections, auto connections and resuming of downloads. Key features of DC++ is that it is freely available under GNU and GPL and shares large size files and many numbers of files. Tiger Tree Hashes are used for file integrity. It searches files across all the connected hubs by size, name, and type. User can search and download files from other clients also. Magnet link support is provided for linking to specific content. Translation to different languages is easily done  by using gettext  language file which is custom supplied. Also facilitates segmented downloading of files.

Before installing the file share utility you should know these general instructions about Ubuntu which will help in easy installation of the utility. After installing Ubuntu you should check if you are able to see a bluish box, if so then you have to execute the commands in terminal mode.

(“Applications -> system tools -> terminal”). In order to reduce the typo mistakes you can copy and paste the code in the terminal mode. The command sudo means superuser do which will prompt for password, you should provide the user password. For any information about commands you can refer the manual page which can be opened using man command. The commands apt-get and wget require internet connection to install, update and download programs.

Step1: To download any files right click on the link, select Save Link As option and enter the correct file name and extension. If you are using Ubuntu, then you need to install Gedit that is you should write command as

sudo apt-get install gedit

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

or you have to replace gedit with kwrite in the command as given below.

sudo kwrite/etc/apt/sources.list

If 64 bit version is used then you have to replace i386 with amd64.

Step 2: Now let us see the DC++ installation process step by step. First download the linuxdcpp.tar.gz file. You can use this code to get the file from easylinux.info site.

Wget –c http://easylinux.info/uploads/linuxdcpp.tar.gz

Sudo tar sxvf linuxdcpp.tar.gz –C /opt

Sudo gedit/usr/share/applications/dcpp.desktop.

Now open this file in edit mode and insert the following code.

[Desktop Entry]

Encoding = UTF-8


Exec= opt/linuxdcpp/ldcpp



StartupNotify = true


Categories = Application; Network

Once you enter these lines in the file you have to save it. Thus the installation is over and you should be able to see the DCPP icon in “Applications ->Internet”.

There is another simple way to install DCPP.

Step 1: Go to

“System -> Administration ->synaptic manager” (ubuntu add/remove programs),

Step 2: Enter your password, when its open completely click on reload.

Step 3: Now click on “search” option and in the window that opens type linuxdcpp. Then click on mark for installation.

Step 4: After this click on apply, click on apply again in the next window as well. Once this is done close the synaptic and check if you are able to see the DC++ icon in the “Applications -> Internet.”