Linux is a Unix compatible computer operating system. Linux is a very good example of free software and open source development, very typically all underlying source codes can be freely remodified, used, and even redistributed by anyone to anyone. Google desktop for Linux is a downloadable application to make your pc work with the power of Linux and trust of Google.

The Linux kernel was first released to the people all over the world on 17 September 1991, for the Intel x86 PC architecture. The kernel was requested with system utilities and libraries from the GNU project to create a usable and good operating system, which led to an alternative term, GNU/Linux. Linux is manufactured for different kind of uses in Linux Distributions, which contains the sometimes modified and upgraded kernel along with a variety of other useful software packages tailored to different requirements. Linux is a self sufficientoperating system that is similar but not identical to UNIX system. It runs on a wide variety of hardware, ranging from386’s/486’s/Pentium*/etc to more exotic hardware such as Digital Alpha computers, PowerPCs, and Silicon Graphics workstations. The most unique feature of Linux is that it’s freely distributable. Its free distributablity means that the source code for the kernel and most of the other software’s cannot be withheld. As said previously Google Desktop for Linux is a free and downloadable application that enables you to search your documents, music, and other media files, email, and recently viewed WebPages.

To install you have to follow certain steps as-

Step one: To install the application Google Desktop for Linux systems you have to visit the website to download the correct package type for your operating system. The application is available for systems of RMP and DEB.

Step two: once the application is being downloaded: for RMP- a terminal has to be opened. After that you have to switch to root the privilege or have to use the sudo to run the mentioned command prompt: rpm -U google-desktop-linux-1.X.X.XXXX.rpm. For the DEBIAN packages- similarly a terminal has to be opened. Then likewise you have to root the privilege or have to use sudo to run the command mentioned: dpkg -i google-desktop-linux_1.X.X.XXXX_i386.deb.

There is an alternative method as well. You can possibly use your Linux system’s GUI package management tool to install the application Google Desktop. This application Google Desktop for Linux runs on computers using the Linux kernel 2.4.x or above. Once you install the Google Desktop it will begin running automatically till the next time you log in to your computer. If you want to start the application immediately after installation then click on the Google Desktop menu item from the Start Menu or you can also use the K menu in KDE or the Application menu in Gnome. Once the application Google Desktop has started it also indexes the new items in real time as you see them. As an example it can find a web page immediately after you see it once or an email right after you read it.