Java can be downloaded for free from its website .  The installation can be done online or offline after downloading the files on the computer. The system requirements for installing java are physical RAM of atleast 64 MB, Pentium processor with a speed of atleast 166MHz and a free disk space of atleast 98 MB. The procedure for installing java on MS Server 2003 R2 very simple and is as follows.

Disable the Internet Firewall

Online installation often requires disabling the internet firewall on your computer. Some internet providers set default firewall settings which do not allow online installations. In such cases, it is recommended to seek the support of the internet provider to disable the internet firewall. Also, if your internet connection is based on proxy server, online installation requires appropriate configuration of proxy settings. For problems with proxy settings it is recommended to go for offline installation.

Download the Installation File

If you are choosing to install manually, you must download the java installation file from the website. Click on the java download link for MS server 2003 R2 from the website. The java download file for MS server 2003 R2 is same as that of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.  Once you click on the link, a dialog box will appear providing you with options either to save or run the file. Choose to save the file. Choose a location to save the download file. It is better to choose a location easier to locate. Once the download is complete make sure the complete file is being downloaded by checking the size of the file on your computer and comparing it with that of the expected size on the website.

Start the Installation

For online installation, click on the link to the download file from the website and choose to run the file. Agree to the terms and conditions before beginning the installation. Once you agree, the installation process begins. You can choose to download only the features you need.

For offline installation, double click on the downloaded installation file. The installation begins. There is a step-by-step instruction provided throughout the installation process which guides you in the process.

Selecting the Optional Products

Along the process, you are prompted to select the installation of other products offered by companies that have partnership with Oracle. You can select the ones which you want to install. Agree to the terms and conditions and continue with other steps.

Installation Complete

It takes a few minutes to complete the installation process. You will find a message “Installation competed” on the screen once the installation is complete.

Sometimes, the directories created are named with characters that are not supported by Windows Server 2003. In that case, an error occurs and installation abruptly stops. Hence make sure to check if the directory names are supported by the system.

On completion of the installation, the computer is ready for running java programs. Try out a few java commands to make sure the java is running.