Skype Messenger, founded in 2003, is another name for text chats and voice calls on internet. With its headquarters in Luxemburg, it is expanded to Europe, US and Asia. Owned by eBay Inc, it is providing the best communication services to more than 521 million users. Skype Protocol, a service of VOIP, allows its users the facility of conference calling, peer-to-peer calling and the chat service having features like group chats, storing chat history and editing of previous messages. It also includes the usual features of instant messaging like user profile, online status indicator etc.

It is a freeware that have some paid features and also keeps the security and privacy of the user. The encryption used in Skype is invisible to the user and hence cannot be disabled. The trusted encrypting techniques used include RSA and Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt the conversations. Skype is available even on your mobile phones, some series of PlayStation Portable can also make use of it by using Microphone peripherals like PSP-3000.  In Ubuntu Operating System Skype is not included initially, hence required to be installed on the Ubuntu.

To install Skype on Ubuntu some steps are to be followed :

Step 1: For installing Skype the required thing is a Skype Software Repository. You need to install it first and then move ahead. For this, you should click on control panel and a list is displayed. From the list choose system and double click it to open.

Step 2: From System select Administration by clicking it. Now you choose Software Sources and a dialog box opens. Here you click on Third Party Software Tab. In this tab, click on Add button to add Skype Repository. Now type the following line:

deb stable non-free

Step 3: Now you should click on Add Source button followed by Close button. After this you click on Reload button to complete the first procedure.

Step 4: To install the Skype, you click on Applications and choose Accessories. In the list displayed you click on Terminal to open it. In this box you type the following command:

sudo apt-get install skype

Step 5: After this a message is displayed as follows and you need to type ‘y’ here:

Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y

Now to access Skype on your computer go to Applications and then to Internet Menu. Choose Skype by clicking on it and start chatting or calling.

Skype is connecting the world in an instant, helping them to save time and money and keeping them ahead of the competition. Skype is a secure way of communication since it uses proprietary Internet telephony (VOIP). The Skype Protocol is not publicly available and the applications using it are under the closed-source. Skype –to-Skype services are free but for traditional landline phones and mobiles you are charged a little. Skype is working 24×7 and at peak hours more than 23 million people are online. The software is very user friendly and helps you to keep your friends and family in touch.

So by installing Skype, using the above method, be ready for an unmatched communication service.