If you are a regular MSN user, then you can follow the tips below to help you safely install a new or a new update of the MSN messenger on to your Windows Vista running computer. However, if have been using MSN messenger and no longer want it to be running on your computer, it is quite simple to uninstall the MSN messenger from Windows Vista, as it is to install.  Also since MSN messenger is constantly updated, simply follow the steps to ensure a smooth flow.

Why update constantly?

With new versions of MSN messenger coming out quite often these days, with updated or new features, improved menu functions and various other easy to navigate and more user-friendly functionalities; you need to constantly update the Windows MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger program. The new updated of MSN is done keeping in mind the Windows Vista and the functionality and compatibility so it is necessary you update the version not just to keep your chat tool ready with new functions but also to ensure security and safety of your personal data transfer in Windows MSN messenger. MSN thinks it is important to have latest versions of its messenger since it will cater better with the its large user base also eliminating compatibility issues with Windows Vista, hence it is always recommended to install and update the MSN messenger.

Install MSN Messenger

Once you are on the download page of Windows MSN messenger, click on Download, once it starts you can choose the country and location and then given the option to run or save the application. Choose Run and let the application be downloaded. The download will take a few seconds to several minutes depending the connection speed. As soon as the download is complete click on close and let the files be copied onto your Windows Vista computer.  Once you have successfully installed all the features, restart the MSN messenger, in some cases, otherwise just log into the Windows MSN Messenger with you Hotmail or Live ID.

Remove Windows MSN Messenger

You can remove the currently installed Windows MSN messenger from the Control Panel and choosing the Uninstall a Program. Among the list of programs you can, scroll down to MSN Messenger and by right clicking on it you can choose to uninstall. You will be prompted with a reminder warning you if you are sure about the uninstalling and click by saying Yes. This will take a few seconds and remove all traces of Windows MSN messenger from your computer running on Windows Vista operating system. After you restart the computer the program will be completely removed.

Uninstalling and installing Windows MSN Messenger is your choice, however if you are a constant MSN users then it is highly recommended you update the application with the latest updates. Always ensure that you download the new version from the genuine MSN messenger site.  Also if your Windows Vista firewall disables you from using the new application try disabling the Firewall first  and when the application is working enable the firewall back again.