Gone are the days when you would have to move from every workstation to another when installing Microsoft Office in the company, organization or for any other group of computers. It feels cumbersome having to move around with the Microsoft Office software CD and installing it in every individual computer in a network. Thanks to advances in technology, that has now been confined to the past as you can now install the software for a group of network computers.

Volume-Licensed MS Office

Microsoft saved you the agony of moving and installing the office package on each individual computer with the introduction of the volume-licensed Microsoft Office. What this CD does is enable you install the Office package on different workstations from one central computer on the network you are using. Let’s call it the central installation computer as it serves as the nerve of the installation from which the other computers in the network will get their office installations from. Easy and simple. Whenever you buy the volume licensed Microsoft Office CD, the company issues you the Office Customization Tool that is crucial in undertaking the procedure.  The Office Customization Tool lets you configure the Office set up options like its key and silent or hidden installation mechanisms that bar other users from altering the settings you have set or using illegal keys as you undertake the installation process.

The Instructions to Follow

On the computer to be used for the set up, create a new folder for storing the Microsoft Office set up files and then put the Office set up CD in the drive. Just transfer the set up files for the installation from the CD to the folder you created on the central installation computer. However, allow other network users read only access to the folder that you have stored the Office set up files and change the login script on the server so the drive can map to the installation center. After the above, run the “setup.exe/admin” at the root of the installation center from one of the client computers on the network and then pick the Office program you want to install. Finish this by clicking OK.

Once you have done this, pick the Installation location and organization name tab and enter a direction for the location of the Office files on the client computer in the Default installation path space. For the Organization name space, just enter the name of the organization you work for or belong. Now pick Licensing and user interface and enter the key you for the product in the Product Key are, after which just accept the terms and license agreement by checking the box next to it. On the display level, pick none and then choose file and save. Just save the file in the folder you created that has the Office set up files.

In order to Simply get access to any computer on the network and go to the mapped drive you created that has the folder with the Office set up files. Double click “setup.exe” to install Microsoft Office.”