Using two or more operating systems is possible. Well, if you are thinking of upgrading then think again. When you say that you will have two or more operating systems, this means that you could use alternately the operating systems that are available in your computer. It would be very useful to have multi-boots since you will be able to use programs that are in the other version, and then you could switch again if you need some applications of the other version.

But installing more than one operating system would also require additional items. The first thing that it would require is a huge remaining memory in your drive. Moreover, partitions should also be made in your computer’s hard disk.


In creating a partition, enough free disk space should be present. One more requirement is that you should log on in the administrator’s account. If there is no enough space for a new partition, there are three options that you can choose from. The first choice is by deleting an existing partition, second is by shrinking am existing partition and the third option is by the third party partitioning program.

In installing more than on operating system, the older version should be installed first. This is to avoid problems with regards to the operation of the operating systems. Moreover, newer version may not be able to recognize applications and codes of older versions.


Before installing the new operating system like Windows 7, there are some things that you would need to take note of.  Your antivirus should be disabled first before starting the installment. It is also important to back up all the files in the PC. In case that something terrible might happen like your PC crashing- at least you’ll be ready and your files will not be affected. You should also be ready with the product key of the operating system, in the case of Windows, a 25-character product key.

You may find the installment pack downloaded directly to your computer of through your USB. You may also purchase the pack directly from sellers. If you have downloaded it, just look for the setup.exe in the files that you have downloaded. In the part of the purchased pack, insert the disk and find the isetup.exe. Click Install after opening setup.exe.

It is important for you to go to the update page to know more about the operating system that you have installed. With the updates, you will know what to do in case of some problems in the OS. This service will not be available unless your computer is connected to the Internet. It is also important to read the terms. You can also customize the type of installation you want and the location where it can be installed. You will install it to the partition disk segregated for it, not on the same partition as the current operating system you are using. And then the next thing you could do is simply start the installation.

Be careful of what you install and make sure that you will be able to really use the operating system that you are additionally installing.