I have had a lot of trouble with viruses in the recent past that corrupted most of my important files. They ruined my work of many years and I would not want the same thing to happen to you. After much consultation I was advised to install Norton antivirus. It happens to be one of the premiers’ antivirus software that is in today’s market. I happen to have windows vista operating system and Norton antivirus is just the best for monitoring intrusions by viruses or any other malicious software. The beauty with this antivirus is that it can be easily installed in your computer. The antivirus can be downloaded or bought from a computer retailer in your hardware. After installing this software I was able to enjoy using my computer without any problems. If you would like to install the same on your windows vista you can use the steps below that I followed.

First you place the CD containing the antivirus software in your optical drive. You then wait for a few minutes so that the auto run feature can load the start up screen. Some of you might have your auto run disabled, and if this is the case then you should open the CD manually. Just go to the start menu and click on my computer followed by right clicking on the drive containing the software disc and then explore. Then just click twice on the set up executable file.

Check whether you have received the serial key. The key is required so as to ensure that the copy of the software you have is legitimate. You should enter this key when prompted to enter it in the set up window. If the key is not accepted then you should know that the CD of the software you bought is fake. Install the software in a place that you can easily remember. It does not matter where you install the software as it will work well wherever it is. To install it click through the prompts on the screen till the program installs. The process takes a few minutes. This is because it has to install both the registry entries and program files.

Restart your PC and you are done. One should restart the computer only when you are prompted to do so. The purpose of the computer asking you to restart your computer is so as to enable all its features on your computer. If the computer does not prompt you to restart your computer it means that the installation was not successful and thus you should check what went wrong. However, if all went well then once you restart your computer the antivirus will be ready to protect your computer.
Following the simple steps above I was able to install the Norton antivirus software and guard my computer. I can strongly advocate for people to use this antivirus as it is a total success.