Azureus, also known as Vuze, is a BitTorent client used to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol. Vuze is written in Java & uses Azureus engine.  BitTorrent is the method of downloading big files, by breaking them into smaller parts and after downloading it automatically fetches parts form multiple hosts at once. It even shares them with others. BitTorrent works as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connection manager. It is one of the finest ways to download Ubuntu iso release; it actually gets faster when the concentration of user number is high. Ubuntu includes a graphical BitTorrent clients already installed. Users can even view, share & publish original HD and DVD quality video content which is presented through categories and channels that contain music videos, TV shows, video games, movies etc. By publishing original content users can also earn additional money. Azureus comes with a new easy user interface and improvement like new subscription functionality, powerful meta search for private tracker and major improvement to its HD network.

There are few steps that can be followed for downloading Azureus in Ubuntu.

It’s all start by creating a dedicated user account for Azureus. It requires a server because it is used for all intent and purpose. This is even more applicable in case were the user activate the built in track and web server. No after that you have to download Azureus from its official site it is very easy. Now run the terminal, & find the location form were you have downloaded Azureus, Unzip the tar file with an appropriate command. The permission of the file must be changed to temporary base, so that Azureus can be installed. You have to issue this command to include the file in application menu, “sudo nano/usr/share/applications/Vuze.desktop”. Then add this to the text editor.


Comment=P2P client





Categories=Application Network

Press CTRL+x+y (for yes) to exit screen.

To launch Azureus form terminal window, issue this command “sudo name/usr/bin/vuze”, the command must be made executable by changing the file permission with this code sudo chmod+x/usr/bin/vuze, add this to text editor #!/bin/sh/opt/vuze/vuze”$*”.

Press ctrl+x+y(for yes) to exit screen.

To get any update that is available after opening Vuze. It must be made sure not to install the plug-in at that time and restart Vuze after updating. To change permission to the user and group, sudo chown-R vuze:vuze/opt/vuze.

This takes care of the directory where you installed Vuze and also secures all the files and sub directories contained within “/opt/vuze”. The permission on the /usr/bin/vuze/ file created earlier, should be changed to sudo chown vuze:vuze /usr/bin/vuze. Now you can install your plugin.

To add Azureus launchers to “Application/Internet menu” go to “System/Prefernce/Main Menu”, then choose Internet from left menu and click item. On the name file enter Azureus or vuze, and then browse to unpacked Vuze (Azureus). Select the script and click open, then after that click OK. The menu will be created and now you can start Vuze (Azureus) from the main menu. For panel launcher, go to unpacked folder and drag and drop Azureus script to the panel.