Microsoft Office Share Point server 2007 (MOSS 2007) is very powerful tool that helps in organizing a company’s data in a single web application for its better usage. It utilizes some of the other Microsoft applications for its proper functioning. Some of the additional features in MOSS 2007 are enterprise content, business process and forms, portals and business intelligence.

Hardware Required:

For creating a server farm you need to at least one or two back end servers that work on updating the databases and a similar number of front end servers that provide the required services like search, Share Point or Excel Services.

Back end servers must be capable of processor speeds of a minimum of 2 GHz and RAM higher than 2GB. While the Front Server requires more juice since it is the active part of the server hence the recommended processor speed is 2.5 GHz and RAM should more than 2GB’s.

Software requirements:

The important software’s required for the front end services server are Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with a minimum of service pack 1.  Then Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0, All the computers configured for the front end server must have a NTFS file system for their hard disk drive.

For the Database Server, it must be running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with service pack 3 or anything above than that.  While loading MOSS 2007, it will create its own required databases and will then configure it in the way it should be done hence you should also install a database program.

Also one more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that if the 2005 version of SQL server is being used then surface area settings are of paramount importance.

Steps to set up Surface Area in SQL server 2003

  1. Open SQL server from the start menu
  2. Select Configuration tools and then click on Surface Area Configuration.
  3. Then click on Services and Connections
  4. Open Database engine and then click on remote connections.

How to configure Security Accounts for MOSS 2007

To install Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a server farm environment, at least 2 accounts are required:

For installing Microsoft Office Share Point 2007 and running a server farm one must have at least two accounts. A user account and unique domain user account

A user account is used to install MOSS 2007 on the system and to run different products and technologies of Share Point Configuration wizard. The account should be a domain user account , be able to access SQL servers, should have all connections with all the front end users, to alter databases using SQL server database controls,  It must also be capable enough to manage server logins.

The other account is the unique domain user account that you can specify as the service account for MOSS 2007. This account helps you in accessing the configuration database for share point. Also it is advisable account should not be a member of any of the front or back end servers

Before the actual installation begins all the supporting software’s like Microsoft IIS, Microsoft .NET 2.0 and 3.0, Microsoft SQL server 2003 must be installed.