The electric bill or any utility, you get to see once in a month or even in two months. You simply have to pay your bill without knowing the energy usage precisely. But, what if you get an access to your home energy usage and get to know about it at every 30 seconds and with 24×7 connectivity? You will rather call it a ‘Net Banking of your Energy Bill’, isn’t it? The wonders of computing have introduced yet another masterpiece, in which Microsoft Hohm has teamed up with Blue Line PowerCost Monitor to keep you update about the real time data, thus helping you take real time action instantly.

Devices and Installation

The Blue Line comes in package with two boxes; you have PowerCost Display Unit which displays per hour cost of your home’s electrical energy usage. This helps to know about the total cumulative cost by end of the month right in front of you with precise details. Secondly, you also get a sensor which is wrapped around the ‘Electrical Meter’ of your house. The display can be easily made ready by just putting in the batteries, pressing a synchronize button and demands an input of some basic information. You have to fix the sensor around the meter firmly. The PowerCost Display gets attached to the utility meter of your house without any requirement of an electrician or wiring. This can be done manually. You have Wi-Fi gateway device which uses the wireless means to transmit the energy consumed to the consumer’s Microsoft Hohm account. Once you have fixed all your settings and have placed the sensor, display and the Wi-Fi gateway in a sync you can start receiving information about the Energy consumption of your home.  Keep in mind that your router’s settings are proper and router is functioning properly in order to avoid any ambiguous situation.

Once you are done with installation of Blue Line PowerCost Monitor, you get to see graphs and charts on your display screen that facilitates you to know any potential problem arising and about the usage patterns. For example, if you turn on the Air condition of your apartment you can clearly see a peak being developed on your screen talking about the increase in the usage of electrical energy and thus in this way you can actually analyze, how much you are paying while your AC is on and when it’s off?  Moreover, this type of energy usage statistics right in front of you. You actually get empowered to manage your household consumption of electrical power.

Microsoft Hohm’s initiative is actually not only going display the energy usage stats, but also will help the consumer to manage and control the electrical energy related issues smartly and precisely. Certain things that should be kept in mind while installing and using PowerCost Monitor is that , your apartments electric meter must be in such a place from where the Wi-Fi signals can easily reach to the router and then to Hohm account for a energy usage details display.

Thus, the innovative Blue Line PowerCost Monitor will not only be fruitful by providing you ample information about your  energy usage stats, but also will save money. Above all, this is a very good initiative towards the usage of ‘energy efficiency’ as energy can be saved without any adverse effects on the environment.