New Office Open XML formats have been added by Microsoft for Microsoft 2007 office programs. Excel, Powerpoint and Word of Microsoft office 2007 have received the new formats. One compatibility pack is also available in order to ensure that users would be able to open and save the Office open XML formats in the previous versions of Microsoft office. The compatibility pack can be easily installed on those computers on which Microsoft Office 2003, XP or office 2000 programs are running. Once you have installed the compatibility pack you would be able to open, save, edit and create the files in the robust Office XML open formats. For the installation you would need to follow certain instructions that depend on your operating system.

Microsoft update

For the installation of this compatibility pack in Office 2003 or Office XP, you would need to update Office followed by the installation of compatibility pack. The updates are not required in case of Office 2000. First you would need to update by visiting the website of Microsoft. The Microsoft update itself will scan your system and would check if some new updates are available for your system as well as for the Microsoft programs. You must update from the Microsoft web site and do so according to your own operating system, it will check that whether all of the programs are updated are not. You would need to click install and then type a password to continue in case of Windows Vista. For Windows XP, you would first click express and if the Microsoft programs are not updated then you would need to click Install updates for getting the latest updates.

Download compatibility pack

Visit Microsoft web site for getting the compatibility pack and once you have opened the Microsoft compatibility pack for word, PowerPoint and excel 2007 you must click download.

Installing the compatibility pack

In order to install the compatibility pack correctly you must follow steps according to the version of Windows which is running on your computer. First of all click on run for the compatibility pack. In case of Windows Vista you would be required to type in the administrator password. After typing you can proceed by clicking run. The checkbox of Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms should be checked and then press continue then click OK. In case of Windows Vista, you would be again required to give in the administrator’s password. Once compatibility pack is installed, you must click OK.

Again visit Microsoft update

In order to make sure that you have done all the updates and have done those that are the latest ones for the compatibility pack, you must visit the web site of Microsoft updates one more time. From the web site you would be able to check for the latest updates. A Microsoft update scam will be done to your computer in order to check that whether all of the programs and the operating system are up to date. If everything is up to date then you would not be prompted for any further installation.