Windows Phone 7 operating system is developed by Microsoft and you can see the interface and menus similar to Zune HD’s. The quick launch screen looks like old windows mobile start screen. With lock screen feature of windows Phone you can get most important features with just one touch. The lockscreen can be seen on when you turn on the windows phone. Here you can see your important appointment message, SMS details etc. You can see details incoming phone calls, received phone calls, text messages and five email messages without waiting to be read. These all information you can see in form of icon. You can directly go to the communication type by tap on the appropriate icon.

Typophone 4 a simple typographic lockscreen theme which was started by Angelman on a whim, but now has grown too much far from the expectations.

It is an amazing and minimalist lockscreen theme with full retinal display support. For displaying the time, date, day and month this Typophone theme uses very clean elements. This unique theme makes your iPhone/iPod standout by preserving the slide to Unlock function. You can get Typophone 4 from Cydia, and it is recommended to install “lockscreen clock hide” tweak so you can disable the native clock application on lockscreen. You can change the background settings but before that you need to respring phone to apply the changes. For that, switch between 24/12 hour time formats: Use SSH client to go to the theme folder. Open up the functions.js JavaScript file.

Then go to line 2 where you will find– “AM_PM = true”, change it to

“AM_PM = false” and it is done.

When you apply Typophone 4 theme you can see beautiful large sized time and date display on your screen.

Step 1: To install this theme, make sure that your device Jailbroken and Cydia is installed to it, because this package is available only in the Cydia app. Cydia is an AppStore from which you can find third party Apps, Themes, Tweaks, Mods, and Add-ons which can’t get from anywhere else. Cydia is installed on the iPhone/iPod Touch when you Jailbreak your device.

Step 2: Now, run the Cydia App and click on the Search button. Search for “Typo” and you will find the application listed in the search results.

Step 3: Then select the application and you will get the details of an application with author and package setting options.

Step 4: Tap on the install button and you will get the screen with application data size and amount of data to be downloaded.

Step 5: After this installation process will start. The application will be downloaded and installed on your device along with the Winterboard.

Once the installation is completed device will be rebooted and after that tap on Setting icon and then go to “WinterBoard option -> Select Themes -> Typophone 4.” After that lock the device and unlock it, then you can see the beautiful and elegant lock screen theme on your Apple iPhone.