The process of installation is similar to installing Vista on a Mac with the help of boot camp. Even if you are not willing to dual boot OS X and Windows 7 in your laptop, then also you can easily install Windows 7 in a virtual environment with the help of using Parallels Desktop.

In order to install Windows 7 on your Mac using boot camp you shall need some things on your computer. All firmware updates should be there on your computer using the Apple button->Software Updates to check. You should have a Windows 7 installation DVD and also the OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard installation DVD. There should be around 30GB of empty hard drive space so that there is enough space to install anything on Windows. It will take an hour if all goes well but can take around 5 hours if not. Have patience as it takes time to complete and keep a book handy while the installation is in process. Keep an up to date Time Machine back up of OS X in case something goes wrong.

Completely close all the open programs including those in the Apple menu. Also kill the Dock or Dashboard. Then open a Finder and navigate towards Applications->Utilities and double click on Boot Camp Assistant. On initial introduction screen, click Continue and ignore if it does not show Windows 7 as an OS option to install. Decide the amount of space to allocate to Windows 7. You can change the amount of space chosen by clicking and dragging towards left the small divider between OS X and Windows. After this click Partition button. In case of an error, Start following the steps of installing Vista using boot camp from here onwards. After resolving issues of partitioning, a new BOOTCAMP drive will appear on laptop. Now install the Windows 7 DVD. After Mac restarts, select BOOTCAMP partition option and Drive Options (advanced) link and click OK. After Windows 7 installs and the system reboots, remove the Windows 7 DVD. After installation completes, select your language and keyboard layout. Connect to internet and download updates including proper video card driver and reboot again but there will no sound drivers be installed.

Insert Snow Leopard DVD and select Run.setup.exe. After a small message, eject and put the CD again and navigate to BOOTCAMP folder and run setup.exe. After BOOTCAMP installer launches, click Next. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click Next. Check “Apple Software Update for Windows” and click Install. After all drivers are installed, click Finish. When prompted to reboot again, remove Snow Leopard DVD and click Yes to restart. Update some iMac and MacBook Pro’s to boot camp’s 3.1 versions for Windows. If sound still does not work then install Realtek drivers.The process of installation is complete now. When Mac boots, hold the Option key to select the Operating system you want to boot in.