Windows Activation Technologies is a methodology devised by Microsoft which helps in confirming that the copy of Microsoft Windows 7 running on users computer is genuine. It also helps in protecting the computer from software which may counterfeit your computer’s software. The Activation technologies in Windows 7 includes several activation and validation components which contains anti-piracy features. The Activation component is an anti-piracy technology which check the product key of Windows 7 which you have on your computer. This product key is of 25 characters and is saved in the Certificate of Authenticity label. These labels are provided by Microsoft along with the copy of Windows7 which you purchase. This 25 character code specifies if the Windows is genuine and if the copy is being used on single machine or on multiple machines. Ideally a single user license should only be installed on one computer but at times users install the same copy on multiple machines and this can now be tracked by the Activation technology. On the other hand Validation is a feature which communicates with the Microsoft’s server and checks if the copy of Windows7 on your computer is Activated and is genuine.

Download the Activation Package

The Windows Activation technologies package is available through Windows Update and direct download is also available from Microsoft’s website

Through Windows Update

User needs to enable the Windows Update feature and to do this follow these steps:

1. Start-> Control Panel -> Windows Update

2. Click on “Change Settings”

3. Select “Install Updates Automatically (recommended)” option under Important Updates

4. Click OK

Through Microsoft’s Website

Download the file according to your operating system type from the following links:

1. Update for Windows 7 for x86-based systems :

2. Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems :

How does it Work?

After installation of this update, the update runs a validation process for the copy of Microsoft Windows which is installed on your computer. Functions and features of your computers Windows 7 are not affected by the execution of this tool, and it terminates if nothing wrong is found. This process runs silently in the background and user might not notice anything happening if he has a genuine and activated copy of Windows 7. This update may find some Windows files which have been tampered by malicious software and it then tries to restore those files. If the restoration process succeeds then the user is prompted for restarting the computer else the user is directed to a webpage which has more information regarding this problem. If the tool detects the copy of Windows 7 on your computer to be non-genuine, it will inform the user by displaying a box which has “The copy of Windows You are using is not Genuine” written in it. This box will also have options for either getting more information on this problem or to get a new genuine copy of Windows. Along with this notification user’s desktop wallpaper will change to a plane desktop. User’s data and all the icons remain intact on the desktop and periodic reminders for this problem appears on the screen everyday.