If you are a windows user but want to know about the open source Ubuntu by installing it along windows, then this article will help you to install ubuntu on a PC which already has windows OS. If you have the Ubuntu in a CD then you can directly start installing else download ubuntu ISO image and burn it in a CD. Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive. Wait a few seconds you will see a screen called Ubuntu. If you click on the text which says “Boot from this CD to try ubuntu without affecting the system.” you will see a page with instructions about Ubuntu Linux. From this page you will learn that all the running applications have to be closed and PC has to be rebooted in order to boot from the CD. After the reboot you will see a welcome screen with some options as mentioned below:

  • Start or install Ubuntu
  • Start Ubuntu in safe graphics mode
  • Install with driver update CD
  • Check CD for defects
  • Memory test
  • Boot from first hard disk

A countdown timer will start on the left side which will activate the first option after exactly 30seconds if you don’t do any thing. But if you press the enter key, after the LiveCD loads into the memory you will see the ubuntu Boot screen and the desktop will appear. Then you have to click the install icon on the desktop and follow the installer steps.

Step1: First step of the installer is to select the language for use which will also be the default language of the installer.

Step2: After this click the forward button. Next select the current location on the map or in the dropdown list; this will adjust the time of the final system accordingly.

Step3: After this click the forward button. Next you have to select the keyboard layout that suits you the best. You can also test the keyboard with little text input field at the bottom. Click the forward button after keyboard configuration.

Now comes the hard disk partitioning.

Step1: If you want only ubuntu you can choose the option “Guided- use the entire disk” but since windows is required you have to choose the option “Guided-resize the partition and use the freed space.” There is this special feature in Ubuntu that if the file systems are same of Ubuntu and Windows (NTFS) then partitioning is not required, you can install it in any of your drives as you do for any other software or application.

Step2: Next is the option of importing items from other users or operating system. It will allow you to choose your windows account and import different items like bookmark, Firefox etc. If a user doesn’t have windows, then a simple text “There were no users or operating systems to import from.” is displayed.

Step3: Click the forward button to go to the next step which is to fill up your real name, name with which you want to log in and the name of the computer.

Step4: After this click the install button. Once you clicked the install button wait for the progress bar to complete 100 percent, so that a pop-up window will open with two options: “Continue using live CD” and “Restart now”. Select the second option and start working with your Ubuntu environment since the installation of ubuntu has success fully completed.