Windows Vista Ultimate upgrades have every possible utility you are looking for. The best things about Windows Vista Ultimate are its aesthetically pleasing appearance and its easy step-by-step guide that helps users in performing complex tasks. Features like these make it much easier to work using Windows Vista, and you will find it very convenient to manage this operating system. For instance, task bar thumbnails allow you to reach your data without even clicking anything!

Installing Windows Vista is also very easy. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions below, and in a few minutes, you’re ready to go.

Installation of Window Vista Ultimate Upgrade

First, you need to know whether your system is ready for this process or not. You can simply go to to check it out.

If it is compatible, then the next thing that you need is a computer with a DVD ROM or CD ROM and a CD of Windows Vista Ultimate. Always remember to keep a backup of all your important documents so that if the upgrade fails, you can still get back to your data. Insert the CD and you will see the option for “Auto Run”. If you cannot see these options, go to My Computer, look for the DVD drive icon, and double click it. A screen will appear, and you need to click “INSTALL NOW”. You will be asked to wait while the system checks your configurations.

After which, a window will appear that says “Go Online” for the updates. If you do have an Internet connection, choose this option; otherwise, select “Do not Get It”. If you have chosen the first option, windows will start downloading the updates. It may take a while so please be patient. In the next phase, you need to put your PRODUCT KEY. You can skip this part—however, if you choose to do so, your Windows Vista will only be valid for 30 days. Click “NEXT”. Accept the license agreement and click “NEXT”. Select the “UPGRADE” option. At this stage, the system will check the compatibility of the programs already installed in your PC. You will now see a REPORT that shows which programs are not compatible with your PC. Shortly after this, the upgrade process starts. This may take some time, patience is vital. After a number of reboots, Windows will ask you whether you want to protect Windows automatically. Select whichever option appeals to you and then proceed. After this, the Windows login will appear on the screen. You need to type your password to continue.

The Final Steps

Windows will now welcome you and prepare the desktop. Once the desktop appears, the installation process will also start. After this, some of your personalized settings will be saved. You will now be able to view your desktop, and at this point, you will need to check and install drivers. Finally, Windows will display a welcome message. You can now use the Windows Vista Ultimate.