Operating system is the backbone for any computer; nothing can work on your compute without and operating system installed in it. Operating system helps the communication between hardware and software. There are so many operating systems available in the market for home users and business users and Microsoft is leading the market in the home segment but there is one more new Operating System, Ubuntu, which has created a lot of buzz in recent time.

Ubuntu is free and open source operating system development which is based on Linux. The primary designed of Ubuntu is for personal computers like desktops, laptops, and netbooks but it also comes in a server edition.

The project it financially supported by Canonical Ltd which is owned by a South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth, that also may be the reason why this venture got the name as Ubuntu is an African word which means Humanity for others. As it is freeware, user need to install some basic services manually for the operating system like WinPopup (LinPopup). WinPopup is basically a Windows based utility which was present till Windows ME operating system but it was never used in any of the Windows NT based operating systems. The service or utility was used to send messages from one Windows based machine to another Windows based machine using a LAN. LinPopup is the replica of the same service which does the same work in Ubuntu based computers but your need to manually install and configure this service. As we know that Ubuntu is an open source application, so there are so many community services which develop tools and scripts to add various utilities for Ubuntu. You must have a .desktop file on your system to install LinPopup. You can create one if it is not present.

Here are some of the basic steps to install WinPopup (LinPopup) in Ubuntu:


Create a .desktop file

This file is generally present in the Desktop folder you can try to locate the file in Home folder then entering the User folder and then exploring the Desktop folder. This is a very plain text file which entries and specification and if the file does not exist in your system then you can simply create one desktop file with the appropriate information in it.


Now type the below mentioned commands exactly as it is represented

1.   sudo apt-get install linpopup

2.   sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/linpopup.desktop

This will create a new file for Linpopup file which will be used to install the utility.


Now you would need to the following texts in the new files:

[Desktop Entry]









Once the above mentioned data is entered in the file, you need to save the file and exit from the console.

This will create the utility in your Ubuntu computer.


After the steps are done, the WinPopup (Linpopup) utility is installed on your computer which can be accessed under Application/Accessories/Linpopup.