If you want to use your desktop or laptop with DUAL operating systems like Ubuntu and Mac OS X then it is possible. You can install OS X with Ubuntu. It’s really good way to learn Ubuntu Linux OS and still be able to enjoy with a quick booting to OS X.

To install Ubuntu along with Mac OS X first get the latest version of Ubuntu from the Internet, which are freely available for everyone, as Ubuntu Linux is open source Operating System. Once you download the image burn it to a CD or disk using some disk utility softwares. If you burn the CD slowly then it will increases bootableness. Now you have Ubuntu CD with you, so you need to clean out your Mac PC.

Step1: Make enough free space on your Mac system for Ubuntu. You can use Boot Camp Assistant to create hard disk partition very easily, without erasing any of your data and applications. But still it is good practice to take back up of your data of your whole system either on CD/DVD drive or on USB pen drive. So, if in case any lose of data you can restore it easily. You can also add partitions using Leopard’s DiskUtility. So you can allocate the free space using such Linux tools for installing Ubuntu, but you can create real partition while installing Ubuntu on your Mac system. I you need to reinstall Mac OS X then it can be done with the help of Disk Utility from the Mac OS X itself to partition the disk and manually creating partition for Mac OS X. Leave some space unformatted.

Step 2: Now, before you start installation install the rEFT for synchronizing the partitions. If you can’t see rEFT booth menu after starting your Mac system, then it indicates that rEFT is not installed properly, so you have to reinstall it. Once Ubuntu is installed you can uninstall rEFT.

Step 3: Now, insert the Ubuntu CD into your computer and restart it. In rEFT menu choose to boot from Linux CD. When installer asks you for partition option, choose “Guided – use largest continuous Free Space” option.
Step 4: While creating partition just make sure that bootable partition is the first one and do not swap your data otherwise Mac system will try to booth from the swap partition.

Step 5: When you click on “Ready to install” it will start installation automatically. Once installation is done restart the system and then Sync the Master Boot Record.

Step 6: After this, shut down your Mac and restart after some time. Uninstall rEFT if you want, or you can use it to select the operating system each time, when system boots. And if you uninstall it then you can boot into Ubuntu with Mac’s native boot loader by holding the Option key at start-up and choosing the disk entitled “Windows”.

To access Ubuntu partition from Mac OSX, install “Mac OS X Ext2 Filesystem” and to access Mac partition from Ubuntu install hfsplus and hfsutils.

Enjoy Ubuntu on Mac OS X, dual operating system!!!