Networking equipments and primarily server relates networking cabinets are designed for heavy duty performance. This is also they generate lot of a heat if kept in a comparatively small area.

To fulfill the requirement of high network traffic and multi tasking, this network cabinets are high end CPU and processor and because most of the power consumption of these devices are dissolved into air in the form of heat, they create stress on the cooling mechanism of your Data Center.

So it is very important to keep this network components cool as overheated devices will lead to system failure and life of the component.

The situation also dangerous as the damaged caused by overheating is always not so evident.

It may lead to sudden system failure or node failure or even a series of downtime over a specific period of time.

Ways to keep networking cabinets cool

Today’s computer inventories are designed to keep cool environment for server and network by keeping high end cooling system raised floor air cooling mechanism. However, this is not only the way to keep the problem away, you should keep this is mind that each networking device should have appropriate ventilation as no cooling system will be effective in the absence of adequate ventilation and even if the inventory is cool the device will not have the option the vent out the heat they are generating and this will lead to the overheating issue.

The device temperature depends of so many factors like the size and shape of the cabinet, door formations, and components used in the cabinet.

It takes a specific amount of airflow to keep any equipment cool and the guidelines are provided by manufactures but it is not sufficient to keep the environment in safe structure but there are some other ways through which you can keep the overheating problem away.

Temperature monitoring

This is the best way to keep a check of the problem before it arises. To ensure that all the equipments are working under the require temperature range, you should have a temperature monitoring system installed which will alarm before the problem goes out of control.

Equipment and fan placement

Do not ever over burden the CPU by trying to attach too many servers. It is always recommended to keep 75 % to 80 % of the capacity. Apart from that you can also increase the ventilation by installing extra fans. Proper circulated airflow keeps the cool and spreads the cooling effect of air conditioner to all corners of the area.

It is easy, you just need to keep in mind to not to stuff the inventory and CPU with too much. Always keep a margin in the capacity of CPU usage, data center inventory and the components used in the network cabinets.

These simple things can keep the overheating problem away in the Networking cabinets.