It’s a busy life now. You are busy with your work, your wife is busy in her office or any other appointment, your kids are busy in their schools or with their football matches, how to get time to spend with each another? How to plan out a vacation and go together with your family? Well now when everything depends upon computers then why not let this thing also rely upon computer. Why not enter are appointments and events in a shared calendar so that other members of the family can plan their days out and even you can avoid a meeting if at that time you planned to go for a movie with your wife. Microsoft’s Windows live Calendar has made it simple. Windows live Calendar is a space where you and all your family members can post there plans for the coming days and others can plan their schedules accordingly.

Its not only about creating, and sharing a family calendar but you can even sync your office’s calendar with the same so that nothing gets overlapped. Obviously you would not want your wife waiting outside the theater when you are busy with in a meeting – situation critical. In this post I will tell you how to create a personal family calendar using Windows Live Calendar, how to share it and how to sync it with your office calendar when required.

Creating a Family calendar

Windows Live Calendar is a part of Windows Live, just like Hotmail and you can sign into it by using your Live ID. Once you are there in your Live account follow the steps given below:

Step1: Click on the arrow next to the New button and then click on Calendar.

Step2: Give a name to your calendar in the Name box.

Step3: Further if you want you can select a color for your calendar and can also give a description to it.

Step4: Click on Save and your calendar will be ready to be used. But it will only be seen and updated by you. Since we are creating a family calendar so it should be shared among the family members as well. Read the next section about sharing the calendar.

Sharing the Family Calendar

Your family calendar can be easily shared by clicking the Share button which is right above the calendar and then selecting the appropriate choice from the three options available. The three options are:

1.   Share you calendar with friends and family

2.   Send friends a view-only link to your calendar

3.   Make your calendar public

Sync Live Calendar with Outlook

We have done this but might not have noticed it earlier. Windows Live account can be easily configured in Outlook for free using the Outlook connector. Outlook connector can be easily downloaded and installed from the internet. Once we do this the Mails and the Calendar gets synced with your Office Outlook and any change that you make in Outlook will get reflected to your Windows live Calendar and will be seen by your family.