Through a Windows Live account in Windows Phone 7 you can share and sync with many devices and users. You can share your computers data on the phone and you can sync your emails between the computer and the phone. You can chat with your friends and you can even share your data on some remote location. The best feature of using Windows Live account on your Windows Phone is that you can stay connected with your computer’s data wherever you go. Apart from this there are many other feature which will make your life simple.

Some of the usability features of Windows Live in Windows Phone 7 can be seen as follows:

  • By clicking on photos in your Windows Phone Phone 7 you can instantly share them online by adding them to your Windows Live Photo Gallery. This way you can easily access these photos from anywhere in the world from any computer or any smart phone.
  • With Windows Live on your Windows Phone you can never lose your phone as you can track it easily and even if you lose it somehow still you can erase your important data from it remotely. In case you lose your phone then just sign in to your WindowsPhone live account using your Windows Live account and see on the map where the phone is. Track down the location, go and get your phone back. If getting the phone back is not simple and easy then just send a remote command to your phone from your Windows Live account to erase all the data from within itself so that you do not have to compromise.
  • Windows Live OneNote is a power little application which allows you to take small notes on your phone or on your computer and check the same on any other device. You can take notes on your computer while talking on the phone and then review the same on your phone while you make a move. Isn’t the life simple and streamed by just one Windows Live account.
  • Windows Live calendar is yet another powerful tool which helps you keep a track of your appointments and miss on nothing. You can even share you appointments and schedules with your family and friends by connecting to their calendars so that you and your family members can plan the things out accordingly. It is easy and simple to use. Others would only be able to see the information which you allow and not all of your appointments.

The best part of all the features of your Windows Live account is that everything gets saved on the remote servers of Windows Live and you can access your documents and resources from anywhere in the world. Moreover everything can be operated and accessed by just one user ID and Password.