Windows Media Center is a versatile, stylish and intuitive application that was first introduced in Windows Vista. Here, you can browse your collection of movies, images and others with ease and comfort. What is great about the Windows Media Center is that you can play music with ease and enjoy an amazing experience. There are several functions and utilities that you can do to personalize, organize, present and play music in this application. You will certainly love to hear your favorite rhythms in style. If you have the media remote, you can wirelessly control what you are hearing as if you have your own visual music player right across the room.

Ease of Use

The Windows Media Center was designed for ease of use. It is also very detailed with its features for all the things you want to do with music. The format of accessing music from playlist, to song, to song detail is flawless and very intuitive. If you take a wrong turn, you just have to use the arrow keys or hit back to the point where you want to head. Using directional buttons, accessing music in Windows Media Center has never been this fun a process!

Finding and playing music

If you want to find music, all you have to do is to scroll up and down the startup menu of Windows Media Center. Once you have highlighted the music, a selection of controls will appear underneath that you can access from left to right. Hit on Music library and you can now select from a variety of categories. You can choose per artist, per composer, per year and so much more with ease.

Play and rate favorites

If you want to easily get the list of songs, all you have to do is select the song category. Once you hit on one of the songs, there will be a list of things you can do with the song details. Click on Edit info and from there you can choose the rating you want for your song. Save it and then play your music. That is how intuitive Windows Media Center is.

Multimedia experience

With music, one can also input a slideshow to create an amazing slideshow. All you have to do is click on the Play Slideshow button to play your images while the music is playing.

Editing and viewing a song list

If you are playing from a playlist, you can edit the arrangement of the music and arrange them or even delete the ones that are not representative of your taste.

Some Features:

Play your music with visualizations and use a variety of preinstalled visuals to fit your ambiance.

You can shuffle the music so the effect is different and unexpected when you play your playlist.

You can use Windows Media Center to buy new music and the intuitive design provides you so many options for your needs.

All in all, Windows Media Center is a complete package of intuitive fun and an exciting music player where you can do everything and never get tired of doing it.