To find a file or folder in windows has always been a hot issue. Data management is very important when it comes to manage all the record in your computer. Definitely you will save all data in shape of files and folders in your computer but have you ever wondered that how you will be able to find a file or folder again when you need it. Perhaps if you remember where you placed that file then it will not be a big problem to find it again but if you don’t remember it and you need to find a file or folder urgently it will become a headache for you.

How to find It

Now as you have lost your file and you need it back then this is the question that will come to your mind that how to find it? The answer is very simple indeed. In this case you need to open your windows explorer and on the tool bar right above you will find search button. Click on this search button and a new tool section will appear on the left side of the same window which will give you different search options. You can make a search according to your need.

Different options in Search box

Once you have successfully opened search option then you can see different search tools.

Picture, music or Video

With this search tool you can search multimedia files like pictures, videos and music stored in your computer. You will have to specify the file name that you are looking for and rest work will be done by search function.

Documents ( word processing, spread sheet, etc.): If you are working some where or you usually save a lot of work documents and file in your system and this time you have forgot where you saved the document then you can search for that particular document with this search option. In this feature many other options are also available like you can specify the conditions and let the computer search that file with more accuracy.

All files and folders

You can use this option if you want the computer to search thoroughly in all file types so that your file or folder can be searched and located accurately. This feature is very help full in finding different file types. You get two options either you can put all or part of the file name or you can put a word or phrase that is used in that file. In this way you can also search such files which are not saved with proper file names and you just have a guess about them.

Hence to find a file or folder in windows operating system is not a big problem.  You just need to have a little knowledge about searching option and you are done with your job. Windows search option is very helpful in deed to find your lost or misplaced files in a short time. However this process can take several minutes to complete if you have a big HDD space.