The past few versions of Windows Media Player have been quite basic. It is just a player that you use to play music. You  can change the skins, do some burning or ripping and nothing else really. In today’s new versions, the media library was given its much needed focus and attention. Windows utilizes a more rigorous media information base to help the users get the most out of their media experience. One of the most basic aspects is finding songs or other media through Windows Media Player. Finding files could be very easy since it is automatically sent to Media Player if placed on the default music folder. What about other media files?

Finding items from the library

If you are a bit daunted by the massive amount of media files on your library, you can use the tabs and categories on the player. In Library tab, you can click on the drop down menu and select the media you are looking for in your library. From pictures, music up to video, Windows Media Player can narrow down the selections.

Using the search box

The search box is an easy to use tool to find specific files on your library without the need to scan all the files and folders of Windows Media Player. You can use the search tool to find files with ease. The first few letters of the word search will give you a quick list of the files you are looking for. This makes the search for music or image files very easy and intuitive. Of course, you still need to specify in the library tab what file you are looking for.

Finding the file storage location

If you are looking for the specific file location of a media file, all you have to do is search Windows Media Player of the file. Right click on the file and then click on Open File Location. This will open a new window where the file itself is located. If you have some songs that were previously deleted and are still part of the collection, you can easily delete or remove that file to minimize clutter.

Finding files per download source or store

If you want to find the files as per the online store you bought them, all you have to do is go to Organize and then click on Customize Navigation Pane. You can click now on online store. Once you have done that, the playlist will be organized depending on the online store you have bought them.

Other features

One can select the files per file type by going to organize, clicking on customize navigation pane and then clicking on the media you wish to look into or find.

Easily find the file you need by expanding the categories and customizing them depending on the information you want to use for your search. The library is very versatile so you can choose anything you need.

Overall, Windows Media Player makes searching for media files easy in the simplest, fastest and most intuitive manner. You will not need anything else to discover media files. Just specify what you need and you are ready to find them.