This article will help you to log in to different versions of Windows if you have forgotten your password or if your password has expired. There are certain steps involved when you need to log in to your Windows again. The resetting of the password would be required if you have forgotten your Windows password and wish to log in to your computer once again. There are two different methods that can be used for resetting the password in order to log in once again to your computer. Certain steps need to be followed and they would only work if you have previously created a password reset desk on your computer or if you had been able to log in as the administrator and could reset the password to your account.

If both of the above mentioned things were not done by you then you would have to install a fresh copy of the Windows XP in order to use your computer once again as well as all of the programs that were previously installed on the computer. This has been done for the sake of security and for protecting the private sort of data from others. Otherwise, anyone would reset the password and would be able to use your information without any problem.

Reset password – Forgotten or Expired

When you have forgotten the password or if it has expired then you can reset it in two ways. You can do it with the help of the password reset desk. This method would allow you to access your user account as well as the personalized computer settings. The other method which can be used is to log in with the administrator account to delete the previous forgotten password and then creating a new password for the account.

Password Reset Disk method

If you have previously created the password reset disk then you will need to follow certain steps. First restart your computer and click on the user account for which you want to change the password an error message would appear that you have forgotten your password. By clicking on password reset disk, the password reset wizard box will start, click next. Insert the disk for resetting the password and click next. Type in the new password and confirm that. Also, type in the hint for the password click next and then click on finish to end the box.

Log in as administrator account

If you did not create any password reset desk and are working on a stand alone computer then you will have to follows some other steps to reset the password. Restart the computer and press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice and then click on the admin account and enter the password if necessary and click OK. For resetting the password, click start then go to run and type control userpasswords2 and click OK. On the users tab, click on the user account for which password reset is required and then click reset password. Type in the new password and confirm it then click OK. Restart the computer and then log in to your Windows XP once again.

This would help you to get back to all of your saved data and configurations easily.