It might happen that you forget the login password of your Windows Vista computer and you are not able to use it then. Password cannot be recovered but there are ways to reset your password provided you have taken proper steps in the past to deal with such situation. When I say “Steps in the past” it means you have created a password reset disk using which you can reset your login password, or if you have setup your account in such a way that it can be reset by any other account. Let’s discuss the two scenarios in detail.

In Windows Vista there is a hidden account called Administrator which does not show up on the login screen but it is always available for use if required. When we install Windows Vista it asks for an administrator’s password and if you remember this password you can reset the password of your own Windows Vista user account. If you are not the administrator of your computer then you can ask the administrator of your computer to login into his/her admin account and reset your password. Resetting of any limited users password can be done by any account which has Administrative privileges. The Administrator just needs to login into his account go to control panel and manage other users. This is the simplest way but what if your account itself was an administrative account. In this case you can boot your computer in to safe mode and then you will see an account named Administrator. Try to login into this account and if successful you would be able to reset the password of your account.

The other method of resetting your accounts password is by the Password Recovery Disk. The only pre-requisite to this is that you have created such disk in the past. If you have this disk then you can boot to the login screen and enter any wrong password to login. This will result in two options: view Hint and Reset Password. If you click on Hint then you will see the Hint to your actual password and if you can recall your password then its good else you can click n Reset Password. When you click on Reset Password the Password Reset Wizard will start and it will ask you to put the Password reset disk in the drive. It could be a floppy disk or a flash disk. Put the disk and select its location from the drives dropdown. Next the wizard will ask you to enter a new password and confirm it once. Next you will get a confirmation messages stating your password has been reset and you can now login into your account using the new password.

The password Reset disk is really of great help if you have forgotten your password but there are few things to remember about this. First, this disk can be used only on the PC on which it was created. If you use same passwords on all the computers but still it will work only on the one where it was created. Second, this disk doesn’t has a password of its own and it can be used by any one to reset the password, so make sure that this disk is out of reach of others and is always kept at a safe place.