A clean keyboard is very important part of the system. In todays IT world, users are increasingly resorting to multitasking which usually ends up crating a lot of dust on the keyboard. It is very important to clean up the keyboard more frequently in order to avoid any malfunction of the keyboard. You can clean up computer mechanically using clothes, duster, cleaning fluid and screw drivers.  You can clean the keyboard by various means and one of those is to vacuuming the keyboard, it will make your multitasking life fast paced, nice and tidy.

We will tell you how to vacuum the computer keyboard; you just stick to the following instructions:


Disconnect the keyboard from your computer once the computer is powered off. Now, flip over the keyboard and shake it well so that dust is removed.


There are lots of battery powered vacuum available in the market; you can choose a good one from them. We recommend you to bought one USB vacuum which plug directly into the computer, it can derive power from computer. We also recommend you to choose one which has soft bristles otherwise it will harm the keys, so be careful while buying the vacuum. Vacuum should also be static-free and adequate power suction.


Now you have to decide about the power suction of the USB vacuum. A battery powered vacuum suction less power but a large sized will consume more power. You have to use that vacuum which suction power less and reach to the every inch of the keyboard. We recommend you to use large size vacuum, it will consume more power but reach to tiny place of the keyboard.


Now you have to reach in between the keys with soft rubber attachment and find dust, hair or any debris. Clean carefully the computer keyboard.


Now if you are not able to reach all the tiny places of the keyboard, then shine a flashlight between keys and find any more debris to suction them. May be sometime it is hard to find the crumbles so try to tap the computer keyboard lightly.

You should be more careful while using any mechanical way to clean the keyboard. Always maintain a key combination while removing the keys from keyboard without the proper combination; you can get confused while attaching the keys back to the keyboard. It can get difficult to arrange the keys back to the keyboard without the proper combination.

While arranging the keys in order press firmly to press and adjust the keys on the keyboard. After applying the fluid on the keyboard try to wipe the keyboard from a dry cotton cloth. We recommend you to avoid these methods because it will take a long time and require more patience and care.