A combo Box is an ActiveX control which displays a list of predefined entries or values and also gives the user ability to type a value of your choice in to it. Have you observed the File Save As box which appears when we click on Save As for saving any file? In this box at the bottom is a list of file type in to which you can save the current file. This list of file types is an example of combo box. Combo boxes are a part of commonly used ActiveX object on your computer and are likely to be available on your machine. Software like Microsoft Works or Microsoft Excel gives users ability to use these objects in their files for better readability and better presentation of data they have. How about a combo box in Excel which will list the name of all the students and then when you will select a particular student its data will appear in the excel cells. Though the appearance of data will depend upon the functions and formulas running in excel but the List of Students will be created by you by inserting a combo box. Similarly you can insert a combo box in Microsoft Word and again you can give a list of options in their. You can create a list with several names which can be changed one by one and letters with different names can be printed. Given below are steps to add a combo box in a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document and how to add items to its list. We also can assign Macros to various items in the box so that different actions take place when you change the selection in the combo box.

To start let us open a blank document by Clicking on File and selecting New in Word 2003. This blank document can be edited first so that you precisely know the place where you want to put the combo box. Though the combo box can be replaces later but it is good to do the first thing first. Now take the cursor to the place where you want the combo box to be placed and then click on Tools and then on Macro and then choose Visual Basic Editor. Click on the plus (+) sign next to Forms in the Editor and now double click on the form where you want to place the combo box. Click in the form to bring up the toolbox and from this toolbox you need to select the combo box. Now click on the form so that the combo box gets placed in it. Once the combo box gets placed click on the View Menu and then on Code. Next you need to click on Initialise from the Procedure drop down. In the code window type the following ComboBox1.list=Array(“Value1”, “Value2”, “Value2”, “Value3”, “Value4”, “Value5”,). This code will add the values which you specify in to the list of your combo box. You can add as many values as you want. Save the file and that would be all.

Now when you will open the word file you will get a combo box and you can select from the available choices. This really comes handy when you create some kind of forms in which all the users have to select from a list of available options.