All the Smartphones these days are having cameras integrated with them with the minimum results of 3.15 megapixels. You even have a camera with all the iPhone and so do you have a primary and secondary camera with iPhone 4. The camera gives you an excellent 5 megapixel results. The only drawback with all these Smartphone cameras is that you cannot use them in exactly the way a camera should work as you cannot make your hand that stable all the time and it seems quite weird watching a video that is shaking all through.

The need for steadicam

When it comes to making a video of something really remarkable, you will not take the risk of getting a very shaky video at the end. The best idea in such a state is to buy a DIY steadicam. You will get to know that there is no steadicam available for iPhone in the market right now but they are expected to come up with a steadicam in the near future so that you can use your iPhone as a camcorder and record videos that do not shake even when you move around and take shots from all the different directions.

It will cost you no more than $30 to make a steadicam of yourself and you can use it anywhere around with your iPhone to make videos that are stable and are perfectly in the same way as you want them to be. Your own hand steadicam will help you a great deal and though you cannot make high resolution movies with the iPhone but you still can use the camera assuming that it has a stabilization filter installed.


You need to have a 2 inch PVC outer ring, and a 1 inch PVC coupling ring. Make sure that you do not use the pipe but a coupling with the outer ring. You will also need a ¾ inch PVC pipe and a skateboard bearing. Place the skateboard bearing into the ¾ inch PVC pipe; you need to do this over a propane torch or anything that can certainly expand the PVC a bit. Draw two hole in the ¾ inch PVC pipe that has the skateboard bearing and two other in the 1 inch on two sides of the PVC coupling. You will also need a larger hole at the place that will divide the PVC coupling into four quarters if the first two divided the PVC into two holes. Make 3 holes in the 2 inch PVC outer ring at 90 degrees from each other, two of them will be used in the entangling of rings while the third is for the optional handle that you will need at the side. You will also need an aluminum bar that you can mold into a semicircle and then make three holes with 90 degrees in between. Fix bolt in the PVC piece with the bearing in it and add another bold through the PVC coupling and outer ring to that everything is in right place. You will have a three axis rotating handle this way. After this, you just need a handle and some weight at the bottom to keep it standing.