It can be accessed inline with other operating system like Linux at the same time. Boot Manager mainly consists of boot configuration data that has to be reloaded or modified for boot options. Boot manager and BCD gives a complete package for modifying the boot data according to the user requirements. The Newly presented boot manager   was invented by replacing the BIOS from the IBM desktop Pc’s.  The latest  version  of Windows  were present in those Pc’s.  The Boot Manager also provides its users with a source to deal with boot loader entries.

The boot loader is much different from the earlier versions which used NTLDR for loading Files with the help of .ini of the system. The command that are present in this can be edited with the help of bcdedit . Still in more than 90% of the jobs GUI apps are used which do the job in much professional way. They also allow the user to change configuration settings and start other operating systems such as Linux with the help of Boot loader.

It also uses Easy BCD Application. Easy BCD application is free of cost ,a product of Neo Smart Technologies. It is used for helping Boot manager to enter and manage entries. It makes it easier for the users to create, remove and edit entries in the boot Menu. The Window that appears firstly has buttons on the left and entries on the right side of it. There are many different types of settings  inside the menu. Some are changing the boot options, timing the boot options ,changing the boot source etc. It also helps in troubleshooting and editing of some base level settings.

To boot the system with operating systems like Linux choices are available. Linux can be booted with Grub. The new version of Grub needs to be installed in the required partition. Its installation allows us to edit and  continue to work on it from inside the Windows.

Easy BCD helps in booting of WIN PE attributes. IT is the version of Windows which help in administering system. Easy BCD helps in booting Folder paths and pictures in it.  All that needs to be done is pasting the exact location of file to be booted .It can also be used for adding the entries  for other version of Windows like Windows 98,95, XP etc.

Easy BCD is very Flexible about its own settings. It can also be used for  taking the back up of settings of boot loader. It can reinstall the boot loader in case of occurrence of some fatal errors.

Thus Easy BCD is a must required application for the proper working of Boot manager functions. Though it is tiny application but helps in making boot manager very useful. Boot manager is one of the important feature in nowadays operating systems. It’s the next door thing for newly developing operating systems.