Fembot or Gynoid means any which relates to or look like woman. In more technical term, a Fembot is also known as humanoid robot which is designed to look like a woman. It has been a dream for most of the scientist to and geniuses to create a perfect Fembot Android but the success is still far away.

There are so many current multi-million projects are going to create a Fembot Android which can be used a perfect companion.

Some of the major steps and key points are mentioned to below which can help to create your own Fembot android:


You have be a genius if you are planning to create a fembot android as it requires in depth knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, electrical engineering and robotics. Any previous experience in any of the mentioned domain is also necessary. Generally you should have team of scientist which specialized knowledge and training on this particular area.

Fembot android is believed to act like a superhuman, so it has to have the common human qualities as well. This will require the knowledge of philosophy, necromancy and artificial intelligence. For assembly and install you will also need a basic metalworking skills and knowledge of welding work.


The motive has to be right while creating fembot android. It is good to have the desire to win the world, but this desire should not lead to harm anyone. Fembot android is a very complex and powerful robot and it can cause a lot of harm if the creation of fembot android is based or wrong motives.


The first and important thing is to create a robot brain. Mostly people make mistake by creating the body first and then plan design and create the brain.

It is also very important that the robot brain passes the Turing test which is designed and used to recognize machines capacity to understand intelligence. Keeping the aggression inhibitors and command to not to arm humans is also required. You can also transfer a living person’s consciousness into fembot brain using the big helmet and wires.

This feature can be very useful is you are creating a fembot to resemble any of your lost family member or friend.


Once the creation of fembot brain is completed, create the fembot body. The most popular way to do it is by creating the body with wood however you can also go by tradition by creating the body with burnished chrome. You can then use the choice of the body color and make to give face and look to fembot android.

Although it is an open area of research but you should first consult local ordinances before launching your fembot project as some of the state government are completely against the creation of fembot android.