It is very easy to make a graph or line graph in MS Excel. It has everything you need to create a line graph; you just need to provide necessary data for the graph. After inputting entire data, the MS Excel will make a line graph for you. We will give you some useful instructions to make a line graph in MS Excel.

Follow these steps to create a line graph in MS Excel:


The first and important step is to label the data you want to include in the line graph. Now type the labels for each piece of data for the line graph, in the first row.


Now the second step is to provide entire data you want to display in the line graph. If you are using MS Excel then you need to provide the data that will be included in the line graph. Now you have to type the information under the labels which is on the top of the each column. The information will be displayed with the line graph.


Now after doing all these steps, you can also highlight the data for the line graph. You can also click and drag the data you want to include in the line graph.


Now to insert the line graph, click on the insert tab which is second on the top of the screen. It is time to locate the chart section of the insert button. Select the line graph and click, you will find different options for line graph. It can be in two-dimension and also in three dimensions.


Now you have to choose the type of line graph you want MS Excel to make for you. After doing this, MS Excel will display the line graph and data you have provided before in the MS Excel spreadsheet. You can also perform many changes in the line graph like you can change the text, title or other text on the line graph.

These steps are best suited for MS Excel and you can also do this in MS Excel 2003.

In MS Excel steps are almost same but in MS Excel 2003, you have to select the range for data given. You can name X-axis and Y-axis and click, drag the data for them. It will also give you so many options to choose from, such as you can define title for x-axis or y-axis or the type of the data. After doing all the modification, choose the location where you want to save the line graph. To save the line graph; click “save as” then name the line graph and click save. Now we will provide you some important point to take care of such as; when you are making a line graph, it can display multiple lines for multiple sources of data. You can provide one column of information for each type of data that you want to include in the line graph.