A database is collection of data in an organized format and there are various database applications available like FileMaker Pro, Oracle, SQL which makes the database management task simpler and flexible. Choosing a database application completely depends on the requirement and the complexity of data and if you are a home user or own a Small business, Microsoft Access makes the perfect choice. Microsoft Access is a DBMS computer application which is used to create and manage databases. This application is majorly used to manage Personal Information Management for small businesses.

MS Access comes with all major tools required to manage a database project and Scheduling is one of the important component. Scheduling, in other words, is to apply time management. Scheduling a task in MS Access is easier with available online templates provided by Microsoft Office online. Microsoft office is vastly used application in offices and home and users require add-ons to make the application better. Microsoft has been provided free tools, updates and security patches for all the application for the maximum performance. Microsoft has already release thousands of free resources related to Office products which makes it simple for any user to manage MS Office application.

Below are the very simple instructions to make schedule in Microsoft Access:


Select the Microsoft Access option from the Start Menu program list. Then open the ‘Template Category’ option from the Heading label and click on ‘Featuring’ option. If you are connected to internet, it would automatically lead to you to the Microsoft Office online webpage.


Once you are on the Microsoft Office online webpage, select “Browse for templates by industry option” or you can also search an Office template.


The next step would be to search for schedule template by typing “access schedule” in the “Search Template” box under “Templates”. Once the search is initiated, it will show the search result of the available templates. Select the template from the list which is compatible with Microsoft Access. The appropriate template will always have the Microsoft Access icon displayed in front of it.


A sample template like “Resource scheduling database” will be displayed on screen which needs to be downloaded by clicking the “download” button. This step will download the schedule template on your computer and once this step is finished, a message is appeared on Microsoft Office online website for the completion of successful download.


You do not need to reboot your system for changes to take effect. The computer will open the file itself and you can start using the schedule template by putting the scheduling information in.

These simple steps would allow downloading schedule template and make those templates work with Microsoft Access to manage time resources appropriately. With the vastly available schedule templates on Microsoft Office online website, you can choose an appropriate schedule template to work with Microsoft Access and make the scheduling in your database.