Microsoft Excel is the most popular program by Microsoft. It’s a part of Microsoft Office Suite. It’s a spreadsheet application that has written and developed by Microsoft for Windows and Mac OS X and it has features like calculation, pivot tables, charts, graphs etc. It has the basic features of all spreadsheets. In MS Excel you can use a grid of cells that can arranged in numbered rows and you can make letter names columns also to organize the data alteration like arithmetic operations. Microsoft Excel has programming aspects Visual Basic Application by that you can employ a wide variety of numerical methods and the MS Excel has variety of collaborative features that can allow completely hide the spreadsheet from users it’s a decision support system.

Most of the people use Microsoft Excel’s Spreadsheet, Charts and Graphs but Microsoft Excel has lots of utilities. By using Microsoft Excel you can create checklists and inventories also for your household goods to daily schedules. If you want to make schedule in Microsoft Excel then don’t worry it’s an easy task, when you have build the basic template then you can make schedules for a big range variety of applications.

Following are instructions in steps to make a Schedule on Microsoft Excel.

Step 1:

First of all decide a start time and end time for your schedule, decide that which time of format you want to use and what time of addition that have require.

In Microsoft Excel you can select twelve hour and twenty four hour clock formats and as well as number of display formats and make sure that what kind of look you want for your schedule before you start to make it.

Step 2:

You can now type a start time into a cell and if it doesn’t look right then don’t worry you can change it easily. Now start the time in the cell directly below and then type the next time addition like if your schedule begins at 8 am and you are using addition of 30 minutes then you can type 8 in cell A2 and type 8.30 in cell A3, now highlight two cells that you filled in and then right click on them. Now you can choose Format Cells and select Time for the Categories column and you can now choose the format that you want for your schedule from the Types column then just click Ok.

Step 3:

Now you can Copy the highlighted cells down and the column until then you reach at your end time. When the both cells are highlighted from the starting, Microsoft Excel will maintain the same addition between cells like they are copied. You can now add events to your schedule in the cells close by their time slots and then you can add borders and highlight colors to make the schedule fairer and more readable.

Use all above steps to make a Schedule on Microsoft Excel.