With Windows 7, making a screen capture can seem like child’s play because it has been greatly simplified. You can make use its snipping tool to make great screen captures relatively easy. The whole process is as easy as ABC if only you can follow the below instructions am about to share. I tried the feature myself and was amazed at how easy a task it to have fun while at the same doing something I love doing. You sure will find it rather interesting:

What to do

To begin doing you screen capture, you have to open the snipping tool for a start. It is simple, just click on your start menu and access all programs. From here, maneuver to accessories and you will find the snipping tool. Simply open it and you are ready to begin. Better yet, you can as well find the snipping tool by carrying out a simple search in your PC’s search bar, it will search programs and files for your snipping tool.

Once here, simply click on the “New” tab and immediately, your PC’s screen will become dim. This is where it gets simple, just draw  a square circling the area of your PC’s screen you want to capture and your captured image will show up in a snipping tool window.

That’s it! You Have Captured an Image!

You are as good as done, simply save the image or better yet you can edit it using the pen tools, the choice is all yours. Remember, I said its fun too because the snipping tool, as I found out has lots of ways you can set it to capture images in different and interesting modes.

Additional Capture Options

If you want to have more options as you capture your image, simply click the arrow located next to the “New” tab before you begin the capture process. With the choices available being free form, you can capture the images in any shape you want regardless, be it rectangular, triangular or window capture. The rectangular shape, as the name suggests lets you draw a rectangle around the image you want to capture whereas the triangular lets you draw a rectangle around the picture you want captured. On the other hand, the window capture lets you take a capture of a window shape and the full screen capture allows you to capture a full screen. However, I found myself using the rectangular capture more often.

There you have it, there isn’t more to it. Like I said, it’s a relatively easy task and fun too. You have already captured your screen shots as it is; all you have to do is save them. I have always preferred using the snipping because other than just being a great tool for capturing my screen shots, it adds fun and style to the pictures. It allows various options by which you can manipulate the pictures to fit your tastes and preferences as you deem fit. But above all, it is so simple to use.