If you have lost your windows 7 installation disc and are not sure how to create one, do not fret because it is an absolutely simple procedure. You may not have gotten a windows 7 disc when you bought your computer because the company had already pre-installed it and thus you do not a repair disc just in case your computer needs it to boot properly.

The Repair Disc from OS

Well, you can still create a windows 7 system repair disc of your own by using what you already have as your operating system. Preparing windows 7 system repair disc is one the many precautionary measures a PC user must consider. Because it is for emergency, the disc lets you repair your system by using windows recovery environment mechanism. The feature simply provides a package of recovery tools that are very crucial in troubleshooting your PC’s serious problems through restoration and repair of technical errors. It is thus important to create this disc and here are the ways to go about

What to do

Simply maneuver to Control Panel from your PC’s Start page and once here, open the System and Security tab from which you will find Backup and Restore. It should be easy right now if you have opened the backup and restore window as you will see the “Create a system repair disc” option for which you are interested. But if you are into short cuts and faster ways of doing things, simply enter recdisc.exe in the PC’s search box just at the Start Menu. The moment you click the Create system repair disc icon, the computer will immediately prompt you for a blank disc, which you will put in the disc drive to commence the process of creating a system repair disc for your windows 7 operating system.  The moment your blank disc is in, just click on the create disc icon to commence the process and it wont be long before you have your system repair disc.

Easy and Fast but Important

Normally, the whole process will be through in record time, just a few minutes of waiting and your disc will be ready for usage. Just give your PC some time to back up the windows 7 operating system and as soon as the process is complete, be sure to keep your emergency repair disc safely.  The benefit of the system repair disc for windows 7 cannot be overstated. But one thing is for sure, in the event that you cannot for any reason boot your computer properly and are having trouble, the repair disc will be handy in correcting any technical errors and allowing the computer to continue working normally. When such happens, simply insert your disc into the computer and click on the reboot computer via CD/DVD option and you will be good to go.

Making the windows 7 system repair disc is neither a complicated nor difficult procedure. I did not get my windows 7 CD when I bought my laptop and had to create my own copy of windows 7. It is an easy process as I have illustrated above and should be easy to undertake.