Nowadays in street polls, in coffee shops, in walls very commonly we can see the home made advertisements or notices. Most of these are hand printed and it is quite easy to make it on your computer by yourself. There are free templates available for professional appearance for this application. You can do it by yourself and abele to give your advertisement a customized, original look which will hopefully increase interest.

The method of making advertisement for free template:

So by following method you can make tear off advertisements or notices on your computer.  The methods are based on Microsoft word 2007 but these are easily adopted by another program or another version including the free Open Office emulator.

At first launch your word processing program. Create a blank new document and save it. During this process remember to save it frequently. Select the page layout menu and press the Margins button. The margins should be set to narrow to offer more writing space. Later if necessary you will instruct your printer to fix or ignore these settings. Go to the insert menu then press the Table button and to create a table of one column and two rows, drag it in the grid and at left see the screenshot. Here you can see the two long cell one on top of the other. As your main text area use the upper cell and for pull tabs later you split the lower cell into about 10 cells. To close the Table Tools menu click the Home menu then access your main toolbar and begin to compose your flyer contents  by clicking in the upper cell. As it is your full document treat that cell. To center your document horizontally by clicking the buttons begin it. Type your main header and choose a font size about 48. The shorter, crisper and simpler it is the better it is for a good advertisement. The header might be like” High School Tutor”, “Help Wanted”.

How to make it Attractive?

In a smaller font create a subtitle on the next line optionally but remember again keep it very simple.  You might include “Help Wanted” sign with “$$$ Reward” in case of a lost animal. A brief general description of the job also can include by you. The all detail will depend on the nature of your description. But be sure your description stays only one topic. At this time don’t hang up on any formatting because later it is very easy to change font size. Try to add some attractive color in your text like red, blue or green for make it interesting. Within the same word avoid using so many colors. Avoid any light color like yellow which hard to see from distance and fade very quickly.

Try to add a relevant photo on your add which make it more attractive. Try to print your photo with high quality or it will look like a big blob of ink. Type the main body of your add. People don’t want to read much so try to keep it as brief as possible.  Write it in very simple language and don’t provide any extra information. If people want more information or they have any question they will call you. Surely add your contact information like address or telephone no. Many people prefer using email over telephone so include your email id. Add blink lines as needed so that everything is nicely centered.

Under Table Tool menu click in the lower cell and then click the Splits Cells button after clicking the layout. Enter a number around 10 for the number of columns; this will become your pull tabs. Then change the text direction by press the text direction button which will rotate the text 90 degree clock wise and create the first pull tab. Then drag the text and copy it and click in the second cell paste it. This is to be followed by printing the document. Now you made a customized advertisement by yourself and you also have a template that you can use next time.