Skype is one of the fastest service provides for VoIP (voice-over internet protocol), providing users the access to communicate with each other. This unique program provides the user an opportunity to make a voice call as its done through local phones. All it requires is an internet connection. With new internet technology and inventions of new devices, a fast growth has been seen in the digital media field. Via the optical fibers, cable or fast internet connection, it is very easy to transfer any kind of data, without causing interruptions!

A user is required to register his or her profile by opening Skype account to make quick and fast call to other users who are already registered. To enjoy this facility, you need headphones with an adjustable volume controller.

Available Call Forwarding Package Benefits

Call forwarding is one of the most attractive features, which is being used by a large number of users. You have to pay a nominal charge for this service and if you are already a subscriber, there is no charge. Skype offers three interesting subscription packages whose details are given below:

• The cheapest plan which is not going to burn into your pocket will cost you only Euro 89 cents monthly providing 60 minutes talk to landlines every month.
• If you want extra talktime and are ready to pay a little more, you can opt for the Euro 3.49 per month plan, having the facility of around 400 minute’s talktime every month to mobiles as well as landlines.
• The third one will give you unlimited freedom of making calls to landlines and mobile only for Euro 4.99 per month.

Your call forwarding options depend on your type of subscription. If you have chosen the cheapest plan, then your forwarding calls will be charged on a per minute basis.

What Is Skype Credit and How to Buy It

Skype offers another beneficial feature – “Skype Credit” – this offers several benefits to users. It can be bought by registered users only. These are the simple steps to buy:

• To fill up the form, just go to the Skype homepage and create an account.
• Choose a credit plan instead of selecting a call plan. The cheapest plan ill cost you only Euro 10.

Is Skype to Skype Call Free

Yes, it is free of cost. If you are a registered Skype user you can make a call without spending even a penny provided you are not making any call to any landline or mobile phone. This call is a voice-over internet protocol call or a VoiP call.

How to Start the Call Forwarding Procedure

The procedure is very simple and takes very little time to set up:

• User needs to sign up and open an account with Skype
• Once done, go to the Tools menu and select Options, you will see a new window
• Click “Call” which has a green telephone icon. Then select “Call Forwarding”. In this section, provide your mobile and landline phone numbers.
• To enter more designated forwarding different numbers, choose “Add more phone numbers” option. You will be required to prefix the country code before any number.
• All incoming calls will be filtered by a privacy setting just to check if any incoming call exists in your Skype account list.
• Once you complete the whole procedure, click “Save”.

The benefit of call forwarding is that you can receive any call on your landline or mobile even when you are not signed in and thus, you do not miss any call!