iPhones have become the latest sensation in World market. Be it anybody in the World they like to take this gadget home. There are lots of features that make it stand out from the rest in the big gadget World. The main thing about iPhone is that it is user friendly. It can be used by any one. But there are some hiccups when it comes to iPhone.

Problem with iPhone?

One big problem what all users face is the ringtone problem. In some of the iPhones, people would not be able to use the songs you have as ringtones in the iPhone. So is there any solution to this problem? Yes! With a little bit of trick and knowledge about gadget one can come out of this problem. So from now on, one can create a ringtone from the songs that are available in the library of iPhone and that too for free, unlike the usual way which costs you to change the ringtone of iPhone.

A solution!

One can follow the below mentioned steps to make sure that, they do not stuck to the above mentioned problem.

1. Open ITunes from the system. This can be done by moving into Start menu of the Windows and going on to ‘All programs’ under it. Once you go there, you can find the iTunes executable file in it. Just click on it to launch the ITunes software.

2. Move to the library option in the iTunes. This can be done by placing the mouse pointer over the library option and clicking it. Make sure you point at the library option of iTunes properly.

3. Now, it’s time to figure out the song of your choice. Make sure that you select the right song. This can be done by searching for the song in the library.

4. Now listen to the song. This is to figure out which part of the song best suites them .Some people would start off with the humming in the song and some does from the chorus part. It is up to the individual to decide the place from where to start with. But make sure you select the best part as you should get what you want!

5. Make sure that you write down the start and stop lines of the song. This can be done by opening a notepad in your PC and jotting it down.

6. One can get the details of the song by right clicking on the icon. Place the mouse pointer over the song and right click it. You would get the popup menu. Move to song information dialog box. Once you are there you can find the relevant information about the song.

7. Move to options.

8. Type in the start and stop time of the song clip.

9. Once you press OK this process gets ended.

10. Now convert the song to AAC by right clicking on the song again. Once you have done this, ITunes will convert the song to AAC by creating a duplicate copy of it.

11. Now add the ringtone to your IPhone by double clicking on the file. IPhone will automatically add it as the ringtone.

12. Now, you have to sync the files by connecting the iPhone with the computer.
Gadgets are good to use until it does not create problems. Once it starts then the gadget becomes obsolete. Hope iPhone does not be in that list.