This can be done by following some steps. You have to lower the content Switch. For this, write about:config on the address bar. Then you will have to choose New, then Boolean and type content.switch.threshold, by right clicking in the window. You have to click OK to close the window. You have to write 250000 and then again opt “OK”. In order to run the Firefox in 2000 mode, you have to modify the Compatibility tab that comes under the Firefox Properties. There are number of sites from where you can download Fasterfox and the Firefox Preloader. Another thing which can be done is to disable the Adblock as it consumes much power. To make the Firefox quicker, you should delete all unimportant addons as they also consume power and slow down the speed. You can send more than one request to servers, i.e. enable pipelining by writing about:config in address bar followed by an enter and you will see the following entries alphabetically.

For this you have to go to: network.http.pipelining and then right click on the same and toggle it to make it true. After this, you have to go to network.http.proxy.pipelining and then right click on it and toggle the value to make it true.

You can increase the size of cache also which will help the firefox to store more website images in local cache making it speedier. This can be done by typing to about:config, right click at any place on window and opt New, Integer. Then you type browser.cache.memory.capacity, select OK , make an entry 65536 in the box and again click OK. For speedy loading of Firefox, you should again write to about:config, come to network.http.pipelining.maxrequests, thereby changing the default setting from 4 to 8, the highest one. The time which browser takes to start on the information received should be made to 0 by typing nglayout.initial along with paint.delay after choosing new and then integer. You can also delete all the temporary folders which are in use to increase the speed of firefox. You can also uncheck the checkmark from the “automatically check for Firefox updates” and you check the updates at regular intervals as per your convenience.

How to make Windows XP and Vista safer and faster

Some of the services are unnecessary available on the computers which should be disabled in order to make the system safe and quick otherwise they will consume the power and slow down the speed. For this purpose, if it is Windows XP, go to the service menu which will come after going to Start, you will have to select Run and type services.msc. Right click on all items and disable it after going to Properties. You should disable Fast User Switching (which allows more than one user on the system without logging off), Windows Messenger (a program for spy ware), Remote Registry (with which system works remotely) and Terminal Services (with which lots of users can connect with your system with a remote desktop). You should encrypt the data to make the documents checkbox safe. This can be done by Start, then right click the documents, select Properties, then General tab, after that “Advanced” and then finally click “encrypt data to secure documents checkbox.”
For Windows Vista operating system you have to write in the search box services.msc, press enter, services utility menu will appear where you will find Remote Registry tab. Just right click that and choose Stop. This function will help the user to access your system remotely. Lastly, an add on called Web of Trust should be installed which will give the warning to protect the system from any dangerous sites.

How to make your system free from spy ware

This can be done by getting the of antispyware programs from the market which is very necessary because while surfing on Internet, everyone tracks cookies which keeps a watch on your activities and certain sites are such that can give the destructive spy ware. Some of the antispyware programs are Webroot Spy Sweeper, Spyware Doctor, Spyware Begone, Malwarebytes Anti-malware,
Ad-Aware, Spybot and many more many of which are free of cost also.