I have had an incredible experience making screen shots for my pictures using the Windows Vista snipping tool. The benefits I have enjoyed are countless. Some of the ones that I really enjoyed is that it is free, very powerful and it gives one the option to take screen shots of only certain sections of your screen. I cannot forget to mention that there are numerous snips that can be taken with this tool. This tool has given me relief from all the trouble that I had to go through in the past to just get a screen shot. I know most of you right now are dying to know how to use it  and I will guide you on how to do it.

Getting the snipping tool started.

The first thing to note is that to be able to have the snipping tool available on your computer, the feature tablet PC optional components feature has to be enabled. If it’s not enabled you can follow the instructions on the guide that comes with your windows vista on how to get it enabled. Once enabled you should then open the start menu by clicking on the start button. From the menu that pops up, you should go to the option that reads all programs. From the programs that get listed choose the accessories group. Once you click on this you will see an icon for the snipping tool and once you click on it you will have the snipping tool started.

The options available for the snipping tool

I find it important that you are able to learn of the various options that the tool has. The options will enable you to set the preferences of how you would like the tool to work. I will let you know how the different options affect how the snipping tool works.

The options include:

Hide instruction text-when this option is enabled it hides all the instruction texts that usually appear on the window for the snipping tool. If you still a learner you should avoid enabling it till you can totally understand how it works then you can go pro.

Always copy snips to clipboard-once enabled all the snips will be copied to the windows clipboard .This is so that you can later paste them to other applications.

Include URL below snips (HTML only)-when this is enabled all your snips will be saved in the format HTML in a single file or MHT format. This feature enabled also shows the URL of the page that you took the snip from.

Prompt to save snips before exiting-this feature should always be enabled as it enables the snipping tool to always prompt you to save anytime you try to exit it.

Display icon– this is a feature that is in the quick launch bar. When this option has been enabled it will have the icon of the snipping tool placed at the toolbar for quick launching.

Show screen overlay when snipping tool is active-when enabled the snipping tool will disappear anytime you are creating snip.

With the knowledge of how to create the snips now there should be nothing stopping you from taking amazing pictures. Use the windows vista snipping tool and save a lot of costs. Just follow the procedure and you will see how easy it is.