Clear type is a different feature of the Windows 7. Clear type is a tuning tool for calibrating the appearances of the text in Windows 7 and it can work better with your particular display.

Basically clear type is a technology which is develops for improving the appearance of front rendering and reading performance on your computer display. This technology can sharp the words on your computer screen just like those words which are printed on the paper. 80% people can spend their time in computers screen for reading purpose, so this technology can improve the area of reading and improve the overall experience of Windows.

Clear type technology is developed by Microsoft for improves the readability of the text on the computer screens. This technology works better in the high quality, flat panel monitor like LCD, plasma, laptop screen, pocket PC screen. This technology works by using the underlying geometry of colored sub pixels in the display. If there is a full pixel then it gains extra resolution.

There is a step to learn how to make text easier by using clear type

1. At first click on the start button to open the clear type text tuner. Then click on the control panel. After that type clear type on your search box and click adjust clear type text. Now the first page of the tuner, you have to select the tune on clear type check box. Then click next and continue the works until you reach the last page. Finally click on the finish button to tune on clear type.

2. At first you have to open the clear type box tuner by using the start button. After that you have to click on control panel. Now type Clear type on the search box and then click adjust Clear type text. You have to clear about your clear type check box which one is selected by you and click next button. Finally click on the finish button to save your settings.

Clear Type is a trademark for Microsoft’s implementation which is a sub pixel rendering technology. By sacrificing color fidelity for additional intensity variation clear type attempts to improve the appearance of text on the computer display screens. Clear type is first announced at the November 1998 at combex exhibition. Clear type basically involves to sacrificing one aspect of image quality for another, this compromising can improve the text appearance when luminance detail is more important than chrominance. Clear type is basically applied only on that text which is rendered as such by user and system applications. Clear type can’t alter the other graphic elements. If you want to print the text then the clear type is not worked. Clear type is only use for processing the text when it is rendered onto the screen. Clear type technology requires display hardware along with fixed pixels and sub pixels. The displays which have no fixed pixels, are harder to read the Clear type feature and the clear type need to be manually tuned.