The use of good and hard-to-guess passwords can make it difficult for a malicious hacker to break into your computer account. This article will enable you to make the best passwords.

Avoiding predictable keywords and using different methods to introduce variety into the passwords makes it easy to remember them but virtually impossible for others to guess them.

For keeping a password you can select a theme or some kind of date or event which you remember and would remember always. It can be like your date of birth, or your anniversary, or your cars number, or something related to your job or employer. Even if you are choosing to keep such passwords still do not use them as it is but use them with some alterations. Like your birthday should not be use just like 26121980(if it is on 26th Dec 1980) but you should change it to something like 12261980, so that even if someone tries to guess they could not do it easily. It is also good to mix number, letters and special characters in your passwords. According to a calculation if you have a 20 character long password which comprises of special characters, numbers and alphabets, then it will take around 20 years for a super computer to crack it using brute force technique. So just imagine how strong your password can become if you just add some special characters to it.

Another way to make your passwords strong is by using some words in upper case and others in lower case. For example write “PassWord” in plase of simple “password”. For passwords the upper and lower case letters are treated differently and so it just squares the permutation count for a hacker. If you password has only lower case letters then possible combinations can be 26^2, but if we add some upper case letters then the possible combinations can be 52^2. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Many sites or network policies ask you to change your password every month or after a regular interval of time. While changing the password make sure that you are not creating a series unintentionally. You might be using Robert1 as password and next month you can use Robert2. Such practices should be avoided. You can check the quality of your password by entering the password at This Web site performs the calculations based on complexity and “guessability” of your password and tells you how good your password is. Remember that your password is transmitted over Internet in an encrypted format, so that you should try similar passwords instead of your actual passwords to get an idea of the characteristics of a good one.

Organizations are riffed with guest accounts, accounts with no passwords, group accounts, a lack of password expirations, passwords that can be easily guessed and opportunities to exploit technical weaknesses. With all these easy opportunities, computer accounts with good six-character passwords are only a trifle.

According to our point of view, the information sector professionals need to focus more on compliance of good user-account hygiene than the length of passwords.