Google has rolled out its latest Gmail inbox overhaul on May 29 which features five different tabs wherein you can categorize emails. Hence with the launch of this new Gmail tabbed browsing, you will find your emails categorized into separate tabs that are Primary, Social and Promotions. You can add two additional tabs when you require; these are Updates and Forums. You can add, configure and customize all these tabs from ‘Configure inbox’ settings on Gmail. So, if you find this new drastic redesign of Gmail a bit confusing, you will soon clear all your doubts and start managing tab email browsing with these following tips.

How these Gmail tabs group mails?

Primary: Mails which include person-to-person chat conversations and messages with your Gmail contacts will appear under this tab
Social: All mail received from social networking sites you are using, activity notifications from online dating services, media-sharing sites, and other social websites will be clubbed under this Social tab.
Promotions: Mails containing deals, discounts, offers, and other promotions can be found under this tab.
Updates: If you are receiving utility bills, credit card bills, updates from sites you have signed up with such as job portals, bill receipt mails, statements and many more.
Forums: If you add ‘Forums’ tab, then you can receive notifications on comments, replies on discussions you started and participated in online forums, discussion boards, among others.

How to add/configure tabs?

In order to enable tabbed Gmail view, find the ‘Gear; and click ‘Configure inbox’. Next, you can select which tabs you want add to Gmail inbox. Rest, Gmail will automatically sort your inbox. You can drag and drop mail from one tab to other as per your preference. You will be prompted if you want to create a filter for a sender and create your own filters in ways that you can send emails to specific tabs.


Thus, you can sort, configure and manage new Gmail tabbed mail inbox. Do you find this these tips useful? Post your comments below.